Stop the nomination of Tom Wheeler to head the Federal Communications Commission

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We cannot allow President Obama's nomination of Tom Wheeler as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to be approved for following reasons:  


  • He manages a capitol investment firm that invests in technology.  
  • Thousands of studies showing adverse affects from wireless exposure have not stopped him from lobbying congress to set no limits on cell  phone use while heading the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association.  
  • He helped write section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that prohibited local governments from permitting or denying cell tower sites based on the environmental effects of radiofrequency radiation.  He asked the FCC to preempt all local rights concerning cell tower construction and placement.   
  • He supports the elimination of landlines even though they are more reliable and secure.  This would end our choice of corded phones over cell phones thereby harming our health.  
  • He has many friends in the telecommunication industry that would profit greatly from taxpayer dollars allocated by Congress to promote wireless broadband in rural areas.


Read more about him in this Couterpunch article:

Article about Wheeler  


 Please email the Senate Commerce Committee and tell them you are opposed to this nomination.


Tell them to reject Tom Wheeler as the FCC chairman.


 In the "TO" field paste this list:


Senator John Rockefeller <>,

Senator John Thune <>,

Senator Bill Nelson <>, 


Senator Claire McCaskill <>, 

Senator Mark Warner <>, 

Senator RichardBlumenthal<>, 

Senator Barbara Boxer <>, 

Senator Maria Cantwell <>,

Senator Mark Pryor <>, 

Senator Amy Klobuchar <>, 

Senator Mark Begich <>, 

Senator Brian Schatz <>,

Senator Roy Blunt <>,

Senator Kelly Ayotte <>, 

Senator Dan Coats <>,

Senator Ted Cruz <>,

Senator Ron Johnson <>, 

Senator Roger Wicker <>, 

Senator Marco Rubio <>,

Senator Dean Heller <> , 

Senator Tim Scott <>,

Senator Deb Fischer <>,

Dylan Miller <>,

<>, <>, <>


In the body of the email, write:


"Dear Chairman Rockefeller and Commerce Committee Members,"


"Please vote against Tom Wheeler as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.  To confirm him would be allowing the former chief telecommunications lobbyist to manage United States telecommunications regulations, an undeniable conflict of interest. We need an FCC chairman that serves the public's interest, not the telecommunications industry.  The FCC chairman should be a voice for the people and provide true oversight over the industry. Tom Wheeler is not the person for this job. "  


Your name 



His nomination hearing will be held in early June so please contact the Committee members as soon as possible. 



Please sign this Petition asking the U.S. Senate to reject Thomas Wheeler's nomination to head the FCC.

Petition against Wheeler nomination
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