Independent Effects of APOE on Cholesterol Metabolism and Brain Aβ Levels

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Subj: Re: APOE4 gene...kinases..cholesterol....elec fields.
Subject:     APOE4 gene..kinases...cholesterol...elec fields...
To:   Dr. Mary Newport     [ Website:  ]
Copy to:   Dr. Richard L. Veech, Chief, Sup Med Off (Res)   -   see email and contact info below:
 LMBB - Unit of Metabolic Control  Dr. Richard L. Veech, Chief, Sup Med Off (Res),, 301.443. 4620. Calvin Crutchfield, Biol. Sci. Lab. Tech,
Dear Mary:      I am glad your husband, Steve is no longer taking statin, "Zocor!"   I plan to send separate response re Dr. Beatrice Golumb and the paper you attached.    Dr. Beatrice Golumb's studies (University of California/San Diego) played a "major role" in my decision to discontinue my husband, Bud's statin, "Lipitor."    See:   
 As with you or any of us who are evaluating exisiting studies, I am in midst of research that branches off in many directions;  but, the various facts almost never fail to intersect with electric field exposure effects and resultant decline in melatonin levels.    For those who do not know,  both your husband, Steve and my husband, Bud, have been identified as having APOE4 allele.
My recent reviews re APOE4 provide clues via  kinase pathway(s)  that appear to correlate with rare immune deficiencies in my two grandsons that were considered "pre-Leukemic."    I have not reviewed facts re specific pathways yet. 
I do not know, of course, about APOE4 allele in my two grandsons -- one will be 18 next month and the other just turned 21; however, we do know that reduction in bedroom electric field exposures due to sleeping in waterbeds and adjacent to electric meters, combined with almost daily exposure to magnetic fields over 3.0 mg here in our house (daycare) resulted in "significant improvement" -- increases in overall IGG's within five mos. of the changes.    Evidence re  tyrosine kinase activity  and immune decline (Dr. Fatih Uckun  -  EMF RAPID Conclusions) applies to my grandsons.    Uckun wrote that evidence is conclusive between EMF link and Leukemia.      At the moment, I can't locate link to that particular newspaper article.
Here is one link re Uckun's work:
In case you don't have chance to review above link,  Uckun was initially doing research at University of Minnesota at time blood was sent to him from both grandsons.     The above study is Uckun's work at Wayne Hughes Institute.   More blood was supplied to Uckun after his move.     We were never informed Uckun's work involved EMF RAPID ($46 mil study) or electric field/magnetic field exposures.     We were, however, told that "....a candidate gene re Leukemia and immune deficiency has been identified......"       
My appeal to Emmy and Telly Award-winning medical journalist, Dr. Kenneth Soden is at following link:
   Michael Moore challenged  Blue Cross Executive Barclay Fitzpatrick for not addressing "lifestyle choices" and I appealed to Dr. Soden for his help in informing the public that children do not choose to sleep close to electric appliances, nor do their parents purposely place their precious little ones in harms' way.  
Are we making "sensible lifestyle choices" when we follow our doctor's demands that we must take statins to reduce cholesterol for purpose of avoiding heart attacks when, in fact, the evidence does not support those claims, and other studies suggest  "probable harm to brain(s)?"   I ask this as "general question"  -- you obviously have done the research and have made responsible decision based on frightening evidence in the same way I also made decision to discontinue my own husband's statin.    I need to do more research re importance of cholesterol as brain protection and connection to immune deficiency.     Would like link Dr. Veech refers to about APOE4 and metabolizing cholesterol and have now included Dr. Veech as cc recipient of this email.     Also appreciate work you and Dr. Veech are doing re ketones and memory loss and cognitive dysfunction.  
Your point re needing cholesterol particularly as one "ages" is very important.   My website:   has picture of normal cell vs. aged cell.    The reason my grandsons "hypogammaglobulinemia" was considered "rare," had to do with the particular combo -- low IgG1 and IgG3 deficiency(ies) which basically means "the boys' cells were aging!"  
As I have written, we do know Bud has APOE4 allele.    We know Bud improved after moving electric clock radio off his nightstand and starting him on melatonin.    The boys natural ability to produce melatonin increased after reducing their nightly electric field exposures -- waterbeds and electric meters (and however much from daytime power line exposures).   
We know Bud's neuropsych test indicated improvement in three parts of Executive Function at time of testing months after discontinuing statin, Lipitor.   Bud no longer slept close to appliances, he continued on melatonin and by that time, had been taking quite a few supplements including CoEnzyme Q-10, Omega 3 fish oil, selenium, cinnamon, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, magnesium, folic acid, senior vitamin and more. 
I believe APOE4 is likely a mutation that is directly linked to sleeping close to electric appliances, telephone equipment and/or any item that has a speaker (magnet).    Close, chronic, prolonged electric field "nightlong exposures" interfere with metabolism by disrupting signaling pathways (kinases are such pathways).  
My protein misfolding/unfolding data is considerable as is related info re "amyloid."    Cholesterol may play a significant role when it comes to reducing inflammation and/or offering protection due to toxic exposures such as electric fields alone, or combined with any other toxic exposure including medication (synergystic effects).     Evidence is very strong re benefits of melatonin supplementation.   Do not recall specific papers re cholesterol and melatonin but won't be surprised due to all other linking documents.
I plan to review the following search items but "time is enemy" as usual:
Independent Effects of APOE on Cholesterol Metabol...

of APOE levels and cholesterol metabolism on disease development. ..... production, particularly with regard to cholesterol metabolism and APOE abundance, ...
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In a message dated 8/14/2009 8:01:40 P.M. Central Daylight Time, Ketones08 writes:
Dr. Veech had passed on another paper to me showing that the APOE4 brain doesn't metabolize cholesterol normally and may even be deficient in cholesterol, so why try to remove more when we know the brain needs cholesterol, especially more so as we age?  I haven't noticed a dramatic change in Steve either way since we did this, but feel we made the right decision for the long haul.


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