Health Canada and IARC

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05.06.2011, 12:12:1405.06.11

What is Health Canada saying?

At this stage, it's not conceding any increased danger.

"Health Canada's advice to Canadians remains the same. As long as exposures respect the limits set in Health Canada's radio-frequency (RF) exposure guidelines, the department has no scientific reason to consider exposure to low-level radio-frequency fields, such as those from cellphones or Wi-Fi, dangerous to the public," it says.

What should Health Canada should be saying?

Siemiatycki says he'd like to hear a change in tone and see action on the file.

"I'm not sure what they would have said (before the classification), but I guess today they would have to say they're really doing it, that they're really looking into it. They should either stimulate additional research or they should look at preventive strategies that might not be disruptive to people or to society, or to give warnings, I'm not sure. But they would need to look at this possibly in a more serious way than they did" before IARC's announcement this week.

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