Comprehensive Organic Name Reactions and Reagents

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08.09.2009, 13:41:3008.09.09
Subject:    ASTHMA & ALLERGIES....what does new Wiley book say?   Wiley publication:    Comprehensive Organic Name Reactions and Reagents  -
Dear Olle:    In continuing efforts to organize and file from old stacks of papers, I came across an email   from me to Roy Beavers  (4-04-03)  about Dr. Fatih Uckun's announcement re severe allergies and anaphylaxis not occuring in absence of  STAT6 protein (known as "regulator of leukemic cell growth).
Uckun, at same time, reported that "the anti-leukemia drug JANEX-1 is also effective agent against allergy  and asthma........"    (I have not checked on results of clinical trials yet.)    I think I reported in the past that both grandsons' had RAST allergy tests that were sent to the Mayo Clinic.   "Asthma" was major problem in both the boys and the guinea pigs.   All had pre-leukemic blood changes.   No allergies were ever identified.  IgE's were essentially normal, if not in normal range (would have to review labs for the numbers obviously).
The fact that "Gleevec," also a drug used or proposed as treatment for Leukemia was also reported to be in clinical trials re possible treatment for Alzheimers.
Since pre-leukemic changes (a/k/a "inflammation") are known to exhibit as symptoms of unexplained allergies and also asthma (or what is being called "asthma") plus the link to Alzheimers; reviews of  the powerful anecedotal information gleaned from our family's experiences (and guinea pig studies) re close electric field exposures (supported by objective laboratory results and other tests), continue to emphasize urgency of overall EMF/EMR situation. 
You and your colleagues have conducted many studies that include evaluations of histamine, IgE's and more.   The following link re your study of mast cells after close exposures to TV's, has important clues: ........
Also, as you know, your "List of Published Papers"   -   
It would be interesting to review what might be said about close electric field exposure reactions and mechanisms in this impressive book.     I will add to my "list" to check with University of Minnesota Library e availability.       Take care  -    Joanne
Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs "R" Us
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Minneapolis, Minnesota  55448-2127 USA
Phone:   763-755-6114
Email:   (9-08-09)
ARE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN GUINEA PIGS?    Letter 7-22-04 by Joanne Mueller
Radiation Rescue by K. Crofton, Ph.D. at  
The Statin Damage Crisis;   Statin Drugs Side Effects;   Lipitor:  Thief of Memory  by Dr. Duane Graveline at
Radiation Research Trust  at
Rewire Me eMagazine  at    
Omega News links:
  [ File note:    See separate list of "need to review"  -- search items re Uckun ....allergies/asthma/histamine, etc. as of 9-8-09 ......jcm ]

Sent: 9/8/2009 4:39:43 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: Comprehensive Organic Name Reactions and Reagents

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Comprehensive Organic Name Reactions and Reagents

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Wiley is pleased to announce the publication of
our newest major reference work Comprehensive
Organic Name Reactions and Reagents
, edited by
Dr. Zerong Wang.
With its coverage of 701 organic name reactions and reagents, this three-volume set is the largest, most up-to-date major reference work of its kind. It offers students and professional chemists a valuable resource for conducting experiments and performing a broad range of applications, from pharmaceuticals to plastics to pesticides.
Each reaction listing is clearly organized into uniform sections that allow readers to quickly gather the information they need to conduct their own experimental procedures:

ISBN: 978-0-471-70450-8
Hardcover | 3824 pages | July 2009

  • General description of the reaction, including its history, definition, alternative names, conditions, features, and limitations
  • Reaction scheme, offering a general illustration of the reaction
  • Reaction mechanisms, including descriptions of new proposed mechanisms that have yet to be published in the literature
  • Modifications, where applicable, describing the modifications made after the reaction was first published
  • Applications, helping readers understand the practical uses of the reaction
701 Reactions and Reagents plus a Host of Additional Features!
In addition to the main list of 701 name reactions and reagents, Comprehensive Organic Name Reactions and Reagents offers several additional features that help readers gather information quickly and conduct their experiments successfully – including:
  • Chemical abbreviations list the abbreviation, the chemical’s full name, its structure, and page references
  • Schematic reaction index offers a quick overview of each reaction.
  • Reaction type summaries categorize and organize all related name reactions according to the type of transformation (e.g., oxidation, reduction, synthesis of alkenes, etc.).

09.09.2009, 16:05:2409.09.09
Dear Joanne,

Thanks !

Amazingly, during a search I'm doing for a doctor about acute myeloid
leukemia, I swim from discoveries to discoveries...

Cytokine, interleukin, dendritic cell, interferon, collagen,
extracellular signal-regulated kinases, matrix metalloproteinases,
etc. All are playing important roles in our survival ! What a mess
with those electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields !

About STAT6, please, take a look on Gene References Into Function here :[gene])%20AND%20(Homo%20sapiens[orgn])%20AND%20alive[prop]%20NOT%20newentry[gene]&log$=genesensor5&logdbfrom=pubmed&sort=weight
With 70 niiiiiiiiiiiiiice references !

My job will never end. I'm tired. But I send to you some incomplete
compiles I've done to date.
Hoping it would be useful for you and that somebody will make a paper
with it. Maybe our wonderful Olle ?

Some studies are linked to ELF / EMF and others are compiled for their
biological effects.

More I'm investigating, more I'm convinced that humanity has reached
the end...
Thanks to the Industry without scruples !
Hope this message dated 9.9.9 is better than 6.6.6...

Best Regards
Philippe Hug
Chairman of ARA

1. 0 EMF IL cytokine etc. compile.pdf
2. 0 STAT6 compile 9.9.9.pdf
3. 0 LMA compile 9.9.9.pdf
4. 0 compile leucemie a completer.pdf

0 EMF IL cytokine etc. compile.pdf
0 STAT6 compile 9.9.9.pdf
0 LMA compile 9.9.9.pdf
0 compile leucemie a completer.pdf
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