The radiation in our schools is a possible human carcinogen: W.H.O. May 31, 2011

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WHO - IARC: Cell Phone Radiation Is a Possible Human Carcinogen

The radiation from WiFi and cell phone use�is now a Health and Safety issue in our Ontario schools.

Several days ago newspapers around the world front-paged (May 31, 2011) the sensational announcement from the World Health Organization that wireless radio-frequency radiation from cell phones is a 2B [possible] carcinogen.� Within hours, there were over 3000 internet news items posted.� The WHO�s 2B classification for WiFi is the same designations as for chemicals such as DDT, lead and car exhaust. This designation of 2B carcinogen for cell phone radiation�would be the same as for other radiation emitting devices which operate at 2.4 gigahertz such as the WiFi systems installed in schools.

At my school, oblivious to what�was happening globally, this message was subsequently posted (June 2, 2011) on my school conference area: �We now have wireless hubs situated through our building.� We have tried to place them in strategic positions to maximize the number of classrooms that will be able to access the wireless points.� They are located in the ceilings in the intermediate hallway outside the Oasis [special needs]�room, in the basement outside�[the Grade 1]�room and in the corner between where the Juniors go outside.�

As a member of the school staff, I was not consulted about the installation of WiFi, nor was I informed that a hub was to be installed right outside my classroom door until weeks after the fact. Routers have been installed and concealed above the ceiling tiles so that people do not know where they are.� I have not given my consent to be irradiated on a daily basis and nor do I want to be.� I have land-line connections in my classroom, which work well and serve their purpose beautifully.� There is no need for wireless internet in my classroom.

This is a huge Health and Safety issue that must be addressed now that the WHO has made this statement about RF radiation, which is emitted not only by cell phones, but other devices like the wireless routers/hubs that have been installed in schools. ��The 2B designation was not limited to cell phones. It has �broad applicability� to all sources of RF radiation,� said Jonathan M. Samet of the University of Southern California who was the overall Chairperson of the IARC committee.�

World renowned neuroscience expert Olle Johansson draws our attention to the more urgent concerns for our children/staff in a WiFi school setting.�� The long term�consequence�of WiFi radiation exposure such as brain cancers may take decades to develop. However, there are immediate and more wide spread effects to our children and teaching staff such as �reduced immunity, reduced fertility, reduction in the mental functions of short term memory and the ability to concentrate as well as sleep quality�.�

Therefore, schools should be considered as safe zones for our children until there is further research and clarification of the WHO's 2B carcinogen designation of radio frequencies.� Not only should WiFi systems be shut down as a precaution while further research is done, but�staff and students alike should refrain from cell phone use while on school premises.







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