Orientation and Navigation of Bees may be disturbed by man-made electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields

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When I sent WEEP news last night I was not aware that the (British) Sunday Times were publishing a major story today about the problem of bees dying. I believe that this subject is so important that it should again be reported by WEEP news. The article (below) is very good, with the exception of, a suggested cause of why bees are dying. If the reporter had examined some of the scientific data which links microwave radiation and harm to honey bees, he may have presented a much stronger case for electro magnetic radiation being a major cause of bees dying.
I have attached three documents which point the blame strongly at electro magnetic radiation. Please pass this information to environmental groups, students and the press.
Martin Weatherall
The cover story of today's Sunday Times Magazine is the Colony Collapse problem with bees, and it also describes similar problems with bumble bees worldwide. There is a mention, although only a small one, that the problem may be due to mobile phone and other radiation.

The article says there may be less than
8 years to go before pollination by bees is almost non- existent and there will be real difficulties in agriculture, as there already are with some fruit tree crops.

Margaret E. White
From The Sunday Times
February 1, 2009


Plight of the humble bee

Native British bees are dying out — and with them will go flora, fauna and one-third of our diet. We may have less than a decade to save them and avert catastrophe. So why is nothing being done?

[ http://omega.twoday.net/search?q=bees

La Leva di Archimede (ENG) Protecting Bees From Mobile Phone Radiation.htm
Electromagnetic Exposure_Learning Processes.doc.pdf


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