North America’s first fleet of Tetra radios

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20.12.2012, 23:15:4820.12.12
The following development is one of the most important, dangerous uses of microwave technology. It is already deployed across Ireland for police, fire / emergency and rail services.

 This is arguably worse than the Smart Grid.

Here in Ireland we have a new disease called Sudden Adult Death syndrome where people just drop dead - particularly young athletes. 

 It’s what drew my attention to the whole microwave issue. The signal is the same frequency as the human brain, pulsed (more powerful) and always on... The signal also travels on the surface of the ground.

 I’m attaching Barrie Trower’s paper on it.

North America’s first fleet of Tetra radios
19 December 2012

BC Hydro, one of Canada’s leading electrical utility organizations, has chosen Sepura radios for North America’s first operational Tetra network.

 Usually it is operated by Motorola. I'm not yet aware of the connection to Sepura.



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