Gary Null Speaking Out at the NYS Assembly Hearing

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Gary Null Speaking Out at the NYS Assembly Hearing (10-13-2009

Dear Dr. Null:   {   }    I just spent my valuable time writing short commentary on one of your web forms.   The webform response did not go through......(old site or ?).......    I am unable to locate an email address directly for you.
The "missing link" re vaccine problems is "EMF/EMR."
Society can no longer afford to ignore what I have been battling to make public for many years.   Announcements must be made immediately that electric appliances, telephone equipment and any item with a speaker (magnet) should not be close to humans or animals all night long.    "Close" means on nightstand or headboard, under pillow, on or next to one's body and within 3-5 ft. of bed for various electrical appliances.     Cordless phones are not recommended in bedrooms at all.    Even the tranformer box if in adjacent room, might be against wall opposite head of one's bed.
It is the synergystic interaction/reaction of any substance  --  vaccine, prescription med, over-counter med, supplements and probably even some foods that changes the chemical composition and therefor "effects" of same when human or animal is chronically exposed to close electric field exposures.  .
Whether humans or animals are vaccinated, consume meds and/or supplements, they are all likely to experience disrupted sleep which, in turn, promotes chronic inflammation that allowed to continue night after night, is likely to lead to numerous adverse health effects IF any electric-field- producing item is close to person and/or pet all night long.
 Please check my website:     when you have a chance.
Below are three of my most important letters that are not on my website:
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Sleep Sheep creating a tranquil environment?
I am glad to speak out on behalf of innocent persons any time.    Military personnel are being exposed to  many electromagnetic exposures throughout day and night.   It is more than possible that electric field exposures are responsible for vaccine delayed reactions.
I know patients with autism are being prescribed melatonin yet the doctors are not telling the parents anything at all about reducing nighttime electric field exposures!      Studies indicate electric field exposures reduce one's natural ability to produce necessary melatonin.
I hope you can help me help others.........     Best wishes and take care   -   Joanne
Joanne C. Mueller
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