Health Risks of Hybrid Cars Have Been Misrepresented by the Media

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09.12.2008, 23:22:5009.12.08
Like many people who are electrically hyper-sensitive, I have great difficulty finding a modern vehicle which does not make me ill from the electro magnetic fields (EMFs). In recent years I have had to sell a Subaru Outback and a Mitsubishi Endeavor, both which were good quality cars but had to go because they caused adverse effects to my health. 
My 'modern vehicle' is a 2007 GMC Sierra full sized pick up truck. I purchased it because it has fairly low EMFs and does not affect me too badly. Older cars are much better for EMFs. I have a 1985 BMW 635 CSI and my wife has a 1991 Toyota Cressida, both of which have modern luxury refinements yet have low EMFs and do not harm me. Of course driving 17 and 23 year old cars, there are reliability and maintenance challenges. It is ironic that while new vehicles have improved their crash ratings, most cars have become dangerous inside. This is because of cheap non-shielded electrical wiring and badly designed electrical systems.
Modern cars are becoming a significant health risk because of high electro magnetic fields. For people who spend long periods in their vehicles, this should be a major consideration when they purchase a vehicle. Vehicle manufactures must make every effort to lower the levels of electro magnetic fields in their new vehicles and make them safer for customers.
The following stories from the New York Times and from Dr. Mercola are mostly about hybrid vehicles but you need to be very cautious about buying any modern vehicle without testing it for EMFs.
Martin Weatherall
Motoring The New York Times

Fear, but Few Facts, on Hybrid Risk

Published: April 27, 2008


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