Is Forced Experimental Vaccination On the Way?

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Swine Flu Pandemic Declared On False Pretences - Drug Barons And
Government Dealers Clean Up

In advance of the predicted pandemic, drugmakers were applying for flu
vaccine patents for the "new strain," even though it is impossible to
make a vaccine before the new strain actually appears. Our US
government, on our behalf, has given the drugmakers about a billion
dollars of taxpayer money to develop the new vaccines, even though
these companies are among the richest and most powerful on the planet.
Their expected profits should exceed $50 billion, if their hopes for
the coming "flu season" pan out. Don't the drugmakers worry about
lawsuits? Absolutely not. Our government offers complete immunity from
liability to the drug companies, if their products cause injury or
death, on any scale. Why would that be necessary if the vaccines are
safe? If you think it is important to personally investigate this
issue before injecting this material into your body or your child's,
do your homework and know what it is you are about to do. Do not
blindly bel ieve the "experts." Your body or your child's may be a
"sacrifice they are willing to make."

Richard Sacks, My FOX Houston

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Parents Worry Of Swine Flu Vaccine - Moms Say Vaccines Linked To Kids'

ORLANDO, Fla. With children being given top priority when the swine
flu vaccine is released later this year, parents will be face with the
tough decision of whether to have their child receive it. Mary said
her son Aidan was diagnosed with autism shortly after he received a
flu shot. Debby, another local mom with an autistic child, blames the
myriad of vaccines her daughter received as an infant. "I pulled my
older daughter's records and there has been a significant increase in
the number of vaccines given to children. My older daughter had 10 in
the same amount of time my younger daughter had 21 -- more than
double," Debby said. The US government is rushing production and
clinical trials of a vaccine, which will be without the benefit of a
long-term study. The swine flu vaccine will be the first given to
children with so little evidence of what the long-term effects could
be. "To me, when we ask our pediatricians, 'What about this next shot?
Will it make her regress?' and they say, 'I can't guarantee it,'
there's no way. No way," Theresa said.

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