PECO Energy suspends installations of smart meters

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PECO Energy suspends installations of smart meters

PECO Energy announced that it will immediately suspend installation of its new “smart” electric meters after some local fire officials attributed them to the cause of a handful of recent house fires.

In response to the safety concerns, PECO will also begin replacing some of the installed Sensus model meters with an L&G model starting Saturday to see if it performs differently, spokeswoman Cathy Engel Menendez said Wednesday. An extensive analysis of the meter data collected so far will be completed before the replacement work begins, she added.

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News: Smart meters' lack of UL or CSA approval; lack of safety testing

Research has been ongoing to try to get to the bottom of what appears to be a complete lack of both UL (or equivalent) certification, and lack of safety testing in all regions throughout North America, and possibly worldwide.

In an email, a UL engineer said:

"Today utilities have to make sure the meter itself is being type-tested under ANSI C12.1, 10 and 20 of which UL can also offer the testing certificate service without UL mark as other lab doing. ... UL has developed a standardized set of safety requirements for utility meters, including “smart” meters."

However, even though there are standards, and even though UL says utilities need to ensure testing, no utility to date (that we know of) has been able to provide evidence of any UL or CSA certification, or accredited safety testing whatsoever.

That utilities are installing a untested, unapproved device as significant as a utility meter governing all electrical usage is a major, massive safety concern to all citizens. Further, there appears to be obfuscations and witholding of truths going on with or between UL, ANSI and each utility.

During filming, I interviewed John Horgan, NDP Energy Critic in BC, and asked him how it is remotely possible that BC Hydro is getting away with installing unapproved devices. He responded, "I don't know... I don't know. It's mind-numbing, isn't it?"

If anyone has further information on the current status of the lack of certification or safety testing of smart meters or other smart grid devices, please contact me at

Smart-Meter Defiance Slows $29 Billion U.S. Grid Upgrade

(From May, this Bloomberg article outlines the start of the first wave of the no-smart-meter revolution, albeit in a somewhat biased way.)

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Hawaii: Actual Smart Meter Microwave Exposure Videotaped and Measured at More Than 1300% of KIUC Claims

An electrical contractor in Kauai, HI recorded a Smart Meter pulse at a business in Kaua and shows that the microwave emissions are more than 1300% greater than KIUC's claim. In addition, over a 24 hour period its total emissions amount to 3.2 hours of exposure to pulsed modulated microwave frequency radiation at over 2 milliwatts per square meter (mW/m2) which is 240 times greater than what the utility company claims.

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Maine Supreme Court update (July 12): Court says PUC didn't resolve smart-meter health issues

PORTLAND — The Maine Public Utilities Commission failed to resolve health and safety issues related to Central Maine Power Co.’s installation of smart meters and should now do so, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court has ruled.

In a decision released today, the court sided with smart-meter opponents, who argued that utility regulators ignored their legal mandate to ensure the delivery of safe and reasonable utility services.

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Naperville legal update (Aug 21): Video

(Note: The next hearing in the Federal Court case launched by the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group was scheduled for August 28. However, in the late-evening hours of August 27, Judge Lee postponed the hearing to October 2. This is the second time in two weeks that Judge Lee postponed a hearing the night before it was scheduled to take place, causing considerable questions to be raised as to the nature of this process of supposed justice.)

Video update:

Heart and Pacemaker Disruption from Electric Meter

Louis Donovan of Carson, CA relies on both a cardiac pacemaker and a defibrillator to keep him alive. In this video, he tells of his experience of EMR from his smart meter stopping his heart 4 times.

With the untested, unthinking installation of smart meters worldwide, people everywhere with common medical equipment such as pacemakers, defibrillators, and many other devices are actually being forced to directly contravene the strict usage guidelines (to stay out of EM fields). This is costing an untold numbers of human lives.

Video interview:

List of hundreds of studies w/ links: Adverse Health Effects from Electromagnetic Fields

(Note: More than 6,000 published scientific studies dating all the way back to the 1930's have proven that low-level microwave radiation (and other frequency ranges of radiation) clearly cause significant harmful biological effects. Below are several hundred of these studies, with abstracts linked.)

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Papers: EMF Exposures in Womb Can Lead To Childhood Obesity, Asthma

De-Kun Li is the last man standing. Not long ago, many of the leading environmental epidemiologists in the U.S. were working on EMFs of one kind or another. They've all moved on —all except De-Kun Li, and he continues to break new ground in one study after another.

Li, a senior researcher at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, CA, has now shown that EMF exposures in the womb are linked to an increased risk of childhood obesity.

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Iceland: Blueprint for powerful, peaceful change

"The people of Iceland forced their corrupt government to resign.
A public assembly was created to rewrite the constitution.
The banks were nationalized, it was decided not to pay the debt that PRIVATE banks created.
All of this in a peaceful way...
What would happen if the rest of the world took this as an example?"

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