Lord push for boost to broadband in stimulus plan

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Hi Martin,

Global's 16 X 9: The Bigger Picture is going to do a series of shows on
EMF pollution. This week's episode will focus on dirty electricity and
will air across Canada after the local news casts.

Good work by Global's health reporter Allison Vuchnich. She told me
response to the CFL segment they did was "incredible." The more calls
and e mails they get the more likely they are to follow up on this
story. feed...@global16x9.com, telephone: 1-877-835-5169)

Here's what's coming:

Sunday, January 18, 6:30pm

Electrical Shock

Some 16:9 viewers tell us that 'eco-friendly' light bulbs are making
them sick. Manufacturers insist the bulbs meet industry standards and
are safe. But some experts say there's more to it than just the light
bulbs. They say the electronic gadgets we use are making people sick
because of dirty electricity or poor power quality. What is it and can
it make you sick? 16:9 investigates.


Past episodes: Dirty Energy, Sunday January 04th, 2009

Dr. Magda Havas is an expert in her field. She tests all sorts of bulbs
by measuring the power quality and radio frequencies that different
bulbs give off. She measures for dirty electricity.

While the new fluorescent light bulbs may be environmentally friendly,
the concern is about how much dirty electricity they're emitting.

Havas says that a lot of people are responding negatively to these light
bulbs. "They get headaches, they get other body aches and pains. Some of
them have difficulty sleeping if they're tired, some of them have mood

But all of this is controversial - scientists do not agree if people can
suffer from what's called electromagnetic hype sensitivity. Another way
of saying that people are getting sick from the electronic devices they
use - and the stuff the devices give off... Watch Now »


Kevin Byrne
877 987-5185

Sunday January 18th, 2009

Heating Up
After our last story ran on compact fluorescent light bulbs - we heard
from hundreds of you! You all wanted more information and wanted to know
what our government officials were doing. So in our next story, Allison
Vuchnich speaks with the Health Minister and Health Canada about the
light bulbs. Find out what they told her.

Electrical Sensitivity Can someone be allergic to electricity? And
what's dirty power? Some believe all the electrical gadgets in our lives
are making people sick. Now there are experts who can come into your
home and test for power quality. What's in your house? And can someone
really be allergic?
16:9 investigates.


The article below indicate how Canadian politicians are willing to
greatly increase electro magnetic pollution levels, simply to bring high
speed internet to rural areas. Is Minister Clement aware about the
adverse health effects of electro magnetic radiation? If he is not, he
should not be Minister.

Does he not care that there are hundreds of scientific reports which
indicate that microwave radiation causes cancer and many other adverse
health effects? Why does he continue to push the use of microwave
radiation technology, throughout our entire country?

I fully support 'safe' fibre optic cable systems to bring high internet
and other services to all Canadians, but microwave WiFi systems must be
avoided at all costs.

Martin Weatherall


Clement, Lord push for boost to broadband in stimulus plan


>From Friday's Globe and Mail

January 16, 2009 at 5:12 AM EST


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