Independent Effects of APOE on Cholesterol Metabolism and Brain Aβ Levels

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Subj: Re: APOE4 gene...kinases..cholesterol....elec fields.
Subject:   APOE4 gene...kinases..cholesterol....elec fields.
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Dear Hans:    I am honored by your gracious compliment!    To me, it is important to share what I can accomplish in a relatively short time even tho stacks of info wait to become books.   As you may recall, I have referred in the past to plans Olle and I have discussed via email, re book titled "Inflammation and EMF/EMR."    Whether actual title or not, that would be "gyst of main subject/focus."
Inflammation and concomitant immune deficiency can be linked in so many ways to what is being called "Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease" or the abbreviation, "EOAD."    Lately there has been a minor change to that term (change may not be included in ICD-9 codes and/or may not be "official") that I do not recall at moment but insignicant in comparison with what is happening and how fast decline in memory and cognitive function is occuring.   
Inflammation and immune deficiency can also be linked in many ways to what is defined as "Alzheimer's Disease" or "AD."  
You may know that there really is no way to be certain of a  "supposed  true   Alzheimer's diagnosis" unless and until confirmation by autopsy that confirms presence of amyloid, tangled fibers,  tau protein, etc.   There are studies and reports  suggesting that "systemic amyloid" -- examination of spinal fluid for appearance of amyloid,  may yield answers that might lead to less emphasis on the need to examine brain tissue for post-morten amyloid.    
Persons such as my husband, Bud and Dr. Mary Newport's husband, Steve, who have the genetic marker, APOE4 (involving "amyloid), fall into a category of somewhat higher percentage chance of developing what is called Alzheimer's Disease.   Facts indicate that family members may or may not be at higher risk for such decline.     An individual with APOE4 marker is also not necessarily going to develop dementia or Alzheimers.      As mentioned in my other email, I believe increases in amyloid, fibers, tau protein, etc. directly correlate with chronic, prolonged electric field exposures, particularly to equipment that is too close to persons' beds and/or close, chronic prolonged exposures to various electronics for hours-at-time whether day or nighttime exposures.
As you know from my email 8-15-09, Subject:   .APOE4 gene...kinases..cholesterol....elec fields -- the one that prompted your response and questions below, I have many doubts and concerns about the real significance of some genetic research.     It is my opinion that the evidence supports amyloid forms as result of toxic, close, prolonged electric field exposures  (sorry I am repeating parts of this and the other email).   The genetic marker, APOE4, for instance, more likely than not is insignificant when it comes to heredity and rather is result of genotoxic electric field exposure.
The following link brings up a 1993 study re genotoxic effects of electric fields under certain circumstances:   .........    
The additional opinion and information in the exchange between Dr. Richard Veech (NIH) and Dr. Mary Newport about protective function of cholesterol in brain, appears to at least partly include studies conducted by  Dr. Beatrice Golumb, University of California (San Diego).   I have not yet had a chance to review and forward the attachment re Dr. Golumb's studies that Dr. Newport forwarded.    As I often mention, there are detailed, extensive warnings by way of Dr. Duane Graveline's books and website  ( ).     I know of at least one other doctor who provides similar warnings through website or book but I do not have that info in front of me.  May be more info re other experts on Dr. Graveline's site.
It is my belief that "so-called real or true Alzheimers" is not true  ' disease'   but rather, "toxic brain damage" or "TBD" since there is already a category for "traumatic brain injury" or "TBI."    In other words, I believe that continuous assaults on brains of persons in close proximity to especially "close, bedroom electric fields," does constitute "traumatic brain injury."    Literature supports similar harm re occupational exposures involving close, chronic electric field exposures -- electric and telephone  line workers, welders, seamstresses, etc. 
Yes, Bud has been diagnosed as having Alzheimer's Disease; however, that opinion was withdrawn when I challenged the fact that Bud's PET Scan does not reveal any blockages, white matter hyperintensities or other pathology to explain his profound and unusual memory loss and cognitive impairment (after email interaction with Dr. Duane Graveline).    Bud's neurologist, in response to my questions,  reversed his opinion stating, "no, he does not have Alzheimers!"   The opinion was reversed although the diagnosis on Bud's  medical record remains "Alzheimer's Disease."   
Re your brother's "bad dementia," in addition to enquiring as to all medications,  I assume you will also ask the usual questions re close bedroom electric field exposures and/or close, chronic, prolonged daytime exposures that might include sitting close to an air purifier, a fan, all sorts of electronics or other equipment.     Sadly, most medications prescribed with hope of slowing and/or preventing further decline in Alzheimers' patients, fail to sustain beneficial changes that have been reported.   There are many reports of suspected adverse effects or adverse events (Alzheimers' Association message boards) re Alzheimers medications. 
Your reference to "bad dementia" tells me your brother is likely to be suffering from low melatonin levels perhaps  due to sleeping close to electric field sources.   As a non-accredited EMF/EMR researcher and also supported by facts in at least one extremely important study re benefits of melatonin in cases of Alzheimers and Parkinson's, I believe strongly that melatonin supplementation is superior to sleep-inducing pharmaceuticals without the adverse effects.     The following study indicates melatonin supplementation may delay onset of Alzheimers and/or reduce severity of symptoms:

Behavioral and Brain Functions 2006, 2:15doi:10.1186/1744-9081-2-15

"Sundowning," which includes increased agitation and anger, is one important aspect of improvement reported in the Behavioral and Brain Function study.
I recommend your brother's caregiver look into reviewing posts on the Alzheimers' Messase Board  (google:   "Alzheimers Association") with the knowledge that the boards and other information provided by the Alzheimers' Association, appear to be "stringently influenced by Big Pharma," whether directly or indirectly.    New caregivers may not discover for a very long time how essential melatonin is re great sleep and resultant increased energy and well-being.   Neither the Alzheimer's patient nor caregiver will sustain or maintain "quality-of-life" absent these critical facts, in my opinion as a non-accredited researcher/activist as well as my firsthand experience as victim of chronic, prolonged electric field exposures due to living close to two high voltage power lines and also knowledge acquired since becoming a caregiver for my husband.   
Medical questions should, of course, be discussed with patient's medical doctors.   When facts indicate it is necessary to consult an alternative practitioner, the issues then become what they are......    Hopefully additional research and common sense will shed light on all areas of concern. 
As to differences between terms "Alzheimers" vs. "dementia," there are some specific diagnoses that fall into categories of "dementia" because trauma, neurodenerative disorders other than Alzheimers, and certain other diseases are known to deterioriate therefor leading to memory loss, confusion and cognitive impairment which, in turn, is categorized as "dementia."     The terms, however, are often used intermittently particularly since so-called Alzheimers is primarily not confirmed until after death if autopsy, including examination of brain tissue,  is an option.     In my opinion, many cases, even including those involving head trauma, are likely to be exacerbated due to close, chronic, prolonged electric field exposures.    Certainly the synergystic, often dangerous reactions/interactions of concomittant medication consumption applies to any disorder.    
Re your daughter, Sarina's continuing education, the world will benefit greatly from having another alternative/naturopathic practioner who has such a wise, insightful, careing father as you most definitely are!
I will continue to work on defining connection between APOE4 gene, build-up of amyloid plaque and adverse effects of electric field exposure.   
Thanks for your questions, say "hello to family," and have a nice evening!    Take care  -  Joanne
Joanne C. Mueller
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Dear Joanne,


Often my jaws drop, …and it’s time that an Honorary Doctor is presented/knighted to you! 

I am so thankful that you are very much on the ball!!! 

Today’s email is very interesting , I am passing this to my year pharmacist daughter Sarina, she is now with one foot at least on the alternative path, meaning suggesting / handing out patients/clients alternative prescription or solution. 

I also want to know, whether during the past course, did they ever suspect/diagnose Bud having Alzheimer or dementia (am not sure what the difference is, if at all)…? Why I ask: my older brother has bad dementia, and after your response I am going to ask his family what knd of drugs he is taking. 


Cheers, Hans.

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