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Dear Iris:   Dr. Ezekiel Manuel, Director of Bioethics at the NIH, after discussing running, riding bikes, eating proper food, weight loss, etc. with a focus of reducing cancer by one-third, then added "we know that radiation and other things and then smoking.....another big chunk......."
I say, "no kidding?"    CNN is o.k. with "admonishing the people" for what they eat and lack of exercise but does not question "the other big chunk" -- the other two-thirds of cancer causes and lets the word "radiation" just fade away!
I did post the following response to CNN's Early Show video:
Dr. Ezekiel Manuel mentions   "....radiation and other things cause cancer......."
Low level EMF/EMR exposures have already been causally linked to Childhood Leukemia.  The American Cancer Society has known for over a decade that simply moving electric appliances,  telephone equipment and other items away from close proximity to beds will prevent cancer. See my letters below that also include info re dangers of plush toys in cribs -- anything that has a speaker (magnet) should not be close to bodies for long periods of time. Links to my letters:
Joanne C. Mueller letter to Dr. Marilyn Albert, Alz. Advisory Board (11 06)
PREVENTABLE HEALTH PROBLEMS?    Prepared for "Obama Change Meetings"  - 12-12-08

Sleep Sheep creating a tranquil environment?
Studies indicate that weight gain, depression, medications, sleep and much more may be exacerbated by close, chronic, prolonged exposure to electric fields.
Joanne Mueller, Guinea Pigs "R" Us, Minneapolis, Minnesota     (3-3-09)
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