Deeply Flawed Expert Panel

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Jun 1, 2013, 3:39:35 AM6/1/13
Health Canada, through The Royal Society of Canada, has put together an expert panel that is deeply conflicted.  This panel will "rubber stamp" the current safety guidelines again. These guidelines have ostensibly not been updated for 40 years and focus on thermal heating as the basis of the safety codes.  Over the last 40 years a huge amount of research is showing human harm at very low levels of microwave/wireless radiation. Some of this science is available at .
Below is a short message from Frank Clegg, CEO of  C4ST.  I also ask you to click through to the C4ST website to review the conflicts that our research has revealed.
I urge you to take a minute, and ask that our government do better! Our volunteer team has worked hard to made it easy for you to take meaningful action. Now it is your turn to be heard.  Please click on the final red link below to register your opinion to the people in power who need to rectify this situation. 

Deborah McCutcheon


Jun 1, 2013, 3:43:10 AM6/1/13
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Message From Frank Clegg, C4ST

C4ST, Citizens 4 Safe Technology, was created to raise awareness about
the harmful effects of wireless radiation and protect Canadians by
updating Safety Code 6. As you most likely know, Health Canada
periodically reviews the radiation limits of Safety Code 6. As part of
that review process, they submit their findings for an independent,
external review. The Royal Society of Canada has been chosen for this

C4ST has major concerns about the makeup of the external panel the
Royal Society has selected for this review. We have independently
investigated the members selected to be appointed to the panel and
have found that they are severely conflicted. As a result, their
findings are likely to be pre-determined.

While the appointed panel is made up of esteemed scientists, published
and academically qualified, some members have conflicting financial
relationships with companies, industry associations, and lobby groups
which are directly affected by the outcome of this panel review. In
addition, others in some of their published material and statements
demonstrate predetermined viewpoints indicating that they don’t
believe evidence showing harm exists below the published safety
threshold of Safety Code 6.

We are giving you this level of detail to underscore the urgency of
meaningful reform, and to allow your voice to be heard. It is time
for you to take action. Attached is the letter sent to Dr. Grise
President of the Royal Society of Canada. Please go to our website
link here and read
components of the panel member biographies that are not on the Royal
Society website, as well as our letters to Prime Minister Harper and
to Health Minister Aglukkaq.

We ask that you use the link to send an email to our responsible
elected officials expressing your concern that the panel, as
constructed, will not protect Canadians from the harmful effects of
wireless radiation. To make a difference, click here .

Frank Clegg

Informant: Martin Weatherall
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