Invisible cell phone dangers

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Subject:    YouTube video  re Cell phone dangers and M/W radiation
Dear Robert:    Thanks for this very important video reminder!   I may have received from Martin or Iris also and apologize if not acknowledging from someone else.  
I recall the name, "Dr. Sheldon Levy" -- info may be amongst many emails waiting for response and/or filing.    He is yet another important contact re informing public re need to move electric, telephone equipment and any item w/speaker (magnet) away from beds.
Alex Jones and Jason Bernas have done an excellent job of addressing not only concerns re cell phones but also re microwave ovens and items such as hair dryers, coffee makers and even garage door openers, etc.  I don't have time to check right now re email contacts for Jones, Bernas or Dr. Levy.   Hope to do this soon.
I recognize that not every single aspect of every exposure can be covered in one study, one video or one email, etc.  With the exception that items such as hair dryers, coffee makers and garage door openers are specifically mentioned in this video without explaining that electric appliances close to beds are of particular concern, this video will hopefully go a long way toward advancing the cause of legitimate EMF concerns.
The explanation about aerials for hands-free cell phone usage exemplifies concerns about cellular antennae signals, powerline exposures and WiFi, in general.   Other parts of the video emphasize the "bombardment of frequencies" and "cumulative exposures."
Inclusion of Dr. George Carlo's findings re the $25 mil cellphone studies re brain cancer and neurodegenerative disorders is powerful as we know.   Videos such as this "paint pictures" far beyond background pictures in the video!
I am reminded of Bud's work under our two high voltage powerlines -- when he mows the lawn, rakes leaves or shovels snow..........     The comparison of boiling water in a microwave oven in a couple of minutes and a human brain consisting of 90% water is excellent!     I try to keep Bud from working under the lines and also to encourage him to wear his protective hat but he is persistent.   The improvement   attained in Bud's Executive Function since moving his electric clock radio off his nightstand "fluctuates" depending upon the amount of exposure working under the highlines.    He never uses a cellphone.    Our bodies also consist of large amounts of water.   Amazingly, vitamins and numerous supplements plus invaluable melatonin help to keep Bud from getting sick -- he has "improvement re muscle and joint pains" -- i.e., the rest of his body remains well.........  Only time will tell what cancer or neurodegenerative disorder  might be lurking........  
Take care   -  Joanne
Joanne C. Mueller
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Minneapolis, Minnesota  55448-2127 USA
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ARE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN GUINEA PIGS?    Letter 7-22-04 by Joanne Mueller
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Joanne Incase you haven't seen this,very powerfull Robert
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