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Firstly our sincere thanks to you all for attending the talk by scientist Barrie Trower. We hope this to be the first of many.


We are sending this initial email to those that recorded their details at the talk or to those that accepted our invitation. Should you wish not to receive the monthly newsletter – please let us know.


Secondly – good news, the EMRRFSA project has been endorsed by E. Oppenheimer and Sons, who have been doing research on the affects of EM/ artificial RF radiation on ants and insects in South Africa for several years now. EMRRFSA is also affiliated to the EM Radiation Research Trust UK – link is listed below.


 We have been overwhelmed by the number of emails and calls, so in this communique we hope to address some of your queries and concerns  and advise you that our website address is  It is being populated with this info and will be continually updated in the next two weeks.


Will the two doctors that came forward to join the foundation please contact us as it was not detailed on the attendance list as a doctor.


Please feel free to pass this onto friends. Those who wish to assist or be part of the foundation , please email advising us so.


The DVD’S of Barrie Trower’s talk in SA will be ready for purchase in one week’s time. Should you wish to order a copy of the DVD please send us an email with your order and contact details. The cost of the DVD will be R120-00. Funds generated from these DVD’s will be used to cover filming and production costs.



Research docs and points mentioned in Barrie’s talk were as follows:



The Bioinitiative report which advocated that the current levels that were set way back by ICNIRP are definitely not safe.


(It should be noted that these guidelines may not be low enough for electrosensitive individuals and some researchers feel that these are just interim safer measures to be immediately adopted as advocated by the European Parliament and adopted by 8 countries already. No safe level has been determined for children.)




The Nuremberg Treaty ( in relation to the fact that WHO cannot carry on using people for tests at levels that have not been proven safe)

  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) has only started looking at studies on children as of 2009 and has stated that it is unsure as to the present status on microwave radiation exposure and will only provide an estimate in 2015. This contravenes the UN convention as based on the Nuremberg Code for Human Experimentation - ethics provisions, where a person has a right not to be experimented on and in fact has to provide formal consent to all inconveniences, hazzards and effects on health in order to be a part of that experiment. (The WHO does acknowledge that 3% of people are sensitive to Electromagnetic radiation. )




European Parliament Documents and links – PDF also attached.

  • The European parliament has questioned the WHO's decision-making and has advised its 27 member states not to follow the WHO's recommendations but to follow the Bioinitiative Report's recommendations. 522 Votes were recorded in favour of restricting exposure of populations to microwaves and 16 votes were recorded against. The European parliament has thus resoundingly discredited the WHO and ICNIRP's recommendations, and laws are now being revised and implemented to take down or turn off technologies that use microwaves.




WIFI in schools


Barrie Trower spoke about the dangers of WIFI in schools and noted that the French at a cost of €174 million and are removing Wi-Fi from schools.


The German Gov is already advising its citizens to use wired internet connections instead of wifi and landlines instead of mobile phones.



Barrie spoke about the bees and colony collapse


Barrie explained about the pulsing that is a major concern. Modulations enter the body as vibrations and can affect the natural vibrational frequency of the body. These pulses or modulations were listed in a letter by Barrie following his research during The Cold War. ( Attached)


Barrie noted that WHO has information on their website showing that 80% of their research shows  a 3 to 4 fold increase in cancers and other related illnesses at extremely low levels of microwaves.


Page 1 of the document which Barrie referred to in his talk from the US Defence Intelligence Agency Documents is attached. See paragraph 1 and 2. Here it says “ If the more advanced nations of the West are strict in the enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavourable effects on industrial and military functions”


By 2006 Barrie Trower had logged 200 leukaemia clusters of 10 or more children near masts in the UK, France and Spain.



Summary of ECOLOG Study (funded by the industry)



Other websites to show you the concern all around the world;;  - This is a website that was started by a community in Cape Town that fought off two cell mast applications.



Electrosensitivity Magazine



Talking to your doctor (an excellent document to download to take to your doctor or for medical professionals to read)




South African Media articles this week


Radio pod link to Barrie interview on Talk Radio 702



Newspaper and magazine articles.   


Recent GQ article


 An international news website on EM Radiation.



Some of you have asked about screening – learn more but look at other sites too :



For measuring –


General radiation levels :              Vicky Benjamin                 011 793 2114

                                                                 Dieter                                  011 802 3320


Definitive / detailed levels per frequency / service provider entering your home or school  :  Callie Fouche  012 808 1730.

Ask for actual values.


Please let them know you have been referred by the foundation.






The Glow


The Cell Song


Radio interview with Dr George Carlo



We are also hoping to bring out a movie from overseas called The FULL SIGNAL which has won awards and is about cell masts.

We are in contact with the director.


There is so much to more to share with you, but we are off to a wonderful start and with your support we will continue to grow.


Hoping this is the start of a journey of new knowledge that will help you to protect your families.


May our government wake up to these facts too – very soon.



Best regards


The Foundation Committee.




"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter "

                                                  Martin Luther King Jnr


The EMRRFSA Foundation Project is supported by E. Oppenheimer and Son and The Diamond Route.


The Diamond Route is a massive national project which focuses on linking the conservation properties of the Oppenheimer family and De Beers. These properties conserve vast conservation areas and provide a safe haven for a wide variety of unique, rare and ecologically important plants and wildlife and provide endless photographic opportunities. These properties are open to the public who are encouraged to explore this wealth of tourism opportunities.

Please visit the website or contact Duncan MacFadyen, Manager of Research and Conservation: E. Oppenheimer & Son on




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