Full Signal's Official Festival Report (cell phones and antennae)

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Subj: Full Signal's Official Festival Report (cell phones and antennae)

Subject:    Full Signal's Official Festival Report (cell phones and antennae)

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Thank you Iris, for forwarding Talal Jabari's email below re what appears to be his excellent film, "Full Signal."     I viewed trailer and teaser at links provided.

I have included Marilynn Preston's very important,  thorough review (she attended the premier),     which  provides  considerable insight re electric field exposures and the link(s) to probable harm from using cell phones  and/or  living in close proximity to cellular antennae --  frequently reported as portrayed  in the film and also well-known to many scientists, alternative practitioners and, of course, those of us who fight for public release of existing studies and facts absent conflict-of-interest limitations.     Recently, I have been hearing that mainstream doctors are also beginning to ask questions re various symptoms as they correspond to favored cell phone ear.

   Hopefully, the addition of "Facebook" interaction re "Full Signal," as well as Ms. Preston's website  [ link in Preston article below ]  will  increase awareness re the movie as well as inspire large numbers of persons to conduct their own evaluations re health effects that may be linked to cell phone usage and/or concern re close proximity of cellular antennae to residences, daycare facilities, schools, hospitals, offices, etc.,  and also expand knowledge that persons must also reduce close electric field bedroom exposures  -- electric clocks, fans, air-purifiers, touchlamps, electric meters, electric blankets, cordless telephones,  cell phones,  transformers, monitors, security alarms,  etc., as  well as any item that has a speaker (magnet).

I am anxious to view the entire film, myself, and anxiously await positive, widespread public reaction!       Take care   -   Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller
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ARE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN GUINEA PIGS?    Letter 7-22-04 by Joanne Mueller
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Subject: Full Signal's Official Festival Report

Good day everyone, 

Let me start by saying I am overwhelmed by the support I have received since the launch of Full Signal, thank you all for writing, for signing up on Facebook and our mailing list, for sharing your stories, and for asking how you can help.
We were proud to Premiere Full Signal at the Santa Fe Film Festival this week. In fact the festival opened with Full Signal (and a sold-out attendance) and closed with the film as well. On the Premiere night, people lined up outside the screening venue waiting to get in, and 50 people were turned away.

And besides the 2 festival screenings, local activists organized 2 additional screenings for local legislators, the media, and Department of Health officials. 

The screenings were extremely positive, with a very constructive Q&A session after each screening, I fielded some interesting questions, and heard some great comments with some spontaneous pledges to cut back on cellular use and the replacement at home of wireless technologies with hard-wired ones. In general we received a slew of positive reviews from everyone who has seen Full Signal.

And we were covered by various media outlets, some of which we will post on Facebook this week.

I discovered in the week leading up to the Santa Fe Film Festival that an important vote was to take place as part of a bigger process to increase wireless infrastructure in Santa Fe (yesterday the vote was passed to increase the towers in the Public Works Committee 3-1), but several council members (some of whom had attended the screening of Full Signal) publicly cited their concerns based on the science, and have pledged to work with other communities around the world to bring about change to the Telecom Act and the FCC's guidelines, which is an applaudable move in the right direction.

Now onto our future screenings in the rest of the world (since many of you are asking when Full Signal will be coming to town, or on DVD). I want to take you a little behind the scenes.

We are currently planning on "touring" around the US and International film festival track in 2010. In the meantime, we are working with various communities where we don't plan on attending a festival to have public viewings. If you are interested in holding a public viewing in your area, I would be happy to discuss the options, again IF we don't plan on attending a festival there. I would very much like this to be a team effort, especially if Full Signal has the potential to affect some positive change as I believe we did in Santa Fe despite the vote.

As always festival dates will continue to be posted on our Facebook page as well as on FullSignalMovie.com and I hope to meet more of you in your hometowns when we show Full Signal there.

As far as a DVD release, our current goal is to launch Full Signal on DVD and VOD starting June 1st, and we will start advance sales in early 2010.

On a final note, I just wanted to once again thank you all for your support, and I look forward to hearing more from you soon. And as always, shorter updates will be posted directly to Full Signal's Facebook page.

Talal Jabari

Full Signal

Skype: captureproductions

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A review by: 

Energy Express



Full Signal:  Tune in to the Truth About Cells

by Marilynn Preston   [ date ? ....jcm...12-09-09 ]

Normally, I stay away from scary movies, but I couldn't resist going to the world premiere of a terrifying documentary called "Full Signal" last week  [ date ? ...jcm..12-09-09 ]at the Santa Fe Film Festival.

No blood, no Gore, just the electrifying truth. There are an estimated 4 billion cell phone users around the world, and that number is rapidly increasing. To give us the kind of connection we all crave, thousands and thousands of cell phone towers and antennas have been built and — as filmmaker Talal Jabari documents — hidden from view on rooftops and behind trees, disguised as chimneys and church spires, and kept as far under the regulatory radar as possible.

The problem is the electromagnetic field — the EMFs — created by all this constant connectivity disrupt our own normal cell activity and wind up making some of us very sick.

Can you hear me? Cancer? Alzheimer's? Brain tumors? Autism? Fertility impairment? Hormone disruptions? The list of health problems linked to EMF exposure and documented in "Full Signal" goes on and on, locally and globally, with more and more scientists, researchers and citizen activists from around the world sounding the alarm.

"Prolonged exposure to radiofrequency and microwave radiation from cell phones, cordless phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi and other technologies has been linked to interference with short-term memory and concentration, sleep disruption, headaches and dizziness, fatigue, immune disruption, skin rashes and changes in cardiac function," says Dr. Martin Blank on the highly regarded Website www.Bioitiative.org, one of many Websites you can connect to via the www.Fullsignalmovie.org site.

The scary part is how we tune it all out because we love our cell phones and wouldn't know how to live without them. In certain ways — through email, social networking, small screen viewing — your mobile devices create your world. In other ways, they can destroy it and your well-being by overcooking your innards until some part of your body, brain or behavior breaks down.

AT&T, we have a problem.

The meltdown effect of wireless technology on your well-being depends on your individual sensitivity and your exposure level.

"It is generally not appreciated that there is a cumulative effect (on our bodies) and that talking on the cell phone for an hour a day for 10 years can add up to 10,000 watts of radiation.

That's 10 times more than you get from putting your head in a microwave oven," says Dr. Paul Rosch, clinical professor of medicine and psychology at the New York Medical College.

Help! My ears are ringing. "A two-minute call can alter brain function in a child for an hour," he says, "which is why other countries ban their sale or discourage their use under age 18."

Age 18? That's certainly not the American way. We're starting kids out with Barbie phones at age 8. See how CTB (Cell Technology Breakdown) has already affected our collective brains?

"There is no question EMFs (electromagnetic fields) have a major effect on neurological functioning," writes brain researcher Eric Braverman, M.D. a contributor to the very juicy Electromagetichealth.com Website.

"They (EMFs) slow our brain waves and affect our long-term mental clarity. We should minimize exposure as much as possible to optimize neurotransmitter levels and prevent deterioration of health."

Deterioration of health. That's where I came into the picture, sitting through the world premiere of "Full Signal," wishing it were clearer, sharper, better, but very happy to know it's available and part of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness.

Can you hear me now? Alarming numbers of people — children are most vulnerable — are getting sick, not just here in the U.S. but in hotspots around the globe. This isn't speculation anymore. It is science, say the public health doctors and researchers Talal Jabari interviewed in eight countries and six U.S. cities. He's a former "60 Minutes" producer and really did his homework.

I urge you to start doing your own homework. Meanwhile ... 1) Power down whenever you can; 2) use the speaker or a non-transmitting ear device; 3) take the wireless phone out of your bedroom; 4) don't let your community deteriorate into a toxic soup of EMFs.

Hello? Are you still there?


"Sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation is the emerging health problem of the 21st century." — William Rea, past president of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

Marilynn Preston — fitness expert, personal trainer and speaker on healthy lifestyle issues — is the creator of Energy Express, the longest-running syndicated fitness column in the country. She has a website,   http://marilynnpreston.com    and welcomes reader questions, which can be sent to MyEnerg...@aol.com .    To find out more about Preston and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at www.creators.com.



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