The tumor looked like an extension of his cellphone

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04.02.2009, 00:19:1204.02.09
Cancer scare punctuates man's life

By Dave Brown, The Ottawa CitizenFebruary 2, 2009


*Letter to the Editor*

*Link to story in The Gazette on Fluorescent lights and Migraines: *



Verizon offers in home personal cell tower

Andrew Lyle on 28 January 2009


*Sent:* Sunday, February 01, 2009 7:23 PM
*Subject:* Open Letter to Minister of Industry Canada, The Honourable
Tony Clement ) Radiation from Cellphone Towers and WiFi is ruining our

Dear Minister

I find it hard to believe ,with all of the science pointing toward
serious health effects from electromagnetic fields in our
atmosphere,that you, The Minister of Industry for Canada, would
even contemplate WiFi ing the whole of Canada.

Many of us Canadians are sensitive to radio wave radiation and are
finding it difficult NOW, to find a place were we don't suffer from
radiation, so where are we to go for safety if you radiate our entire

I would like to know if you read the up to date science which is telling
us that EMF is dangerous to human well as animals.

So you will say that Health Canada Safety Code 6 protects us from any
harm from EMF which is absolutely false.Many studies show healt effects
at radiadtin levels WELL BELOW CSC6 Many people are suffering with no
remedy to be found, and since our Doctors have not been informed of the
symptoms related to EMF exposure,they can only send sufferers to
psychiatrists who also don't know or understand the effects EMF exposure.

I knew a very fine lady that attempted suicide because she claimed that
EMF made her so ill she didn't want to live.She was found in time
only to be found dead later leaving behind a suicide note.The coroners
report stated that she was psychotic. Would you like to see a member of
your family placed in their grave with that label??I know of many
Canadians that are suffering daily ,and some have had to move from their
homes,me being one,in order to get away from cellphone broadcast
towers.In my opinion If Industry Canada to allows One More Broadcast
Tower to be set up any where in Canada .

Knowing what the up to date peer reviewed scientific studies say.You
Would be committing a serious Irresponsible act which if brought
before the courts I do not believe that our Canadian Constitution would
allow our government to radiate our atmosphere to the point were we
Canadians are getting ill from such radiation.So ,before you even think
of WiFing Canada Please read the FULL BioInititive Report (website
provided below.

Yours Truly

Robert Riedlinger


04.02.2009, 00:23:0204.02.09
an World-News
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Jury's out on link between migraines, fluorescent tubes
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