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In an on line forum I ran into a woman who claimed to have cured her two sons of autism, her daughter of learning disabilities and herself of an auto-immune dysfunction by living like the amish. It didn’t sound strange to me as I had lived in Humboldt County seven years ago and I knew many people that lived off grid there. I just figured they were hippies and hippies just did that sort of thing.. LoL, I never really questioned it. I instantly became friends with this woman. For the first time someone was leading me to a cure and not trying to sell me some product or service. I had told her how we lived without TV, cell phones, computer, for a while and that the kids got better. I really wanted to make sure that I could prove what she was saying could be validated by science so I started researching into what she was talking about. She had sent me a link to a study done by Lund University in Sweden proving the effects of electromagnetic radiation causes the loss of the “Branching Out Ability” which, in turn causes the loss of the pattern for the Blood Brain Barrier:
She also sent me this article from Prevention Magazine. This wasn’t the first I had heard of dirty electricity, but it was the first time I connected the dots:
I will admit I was very skeptical of this study when I first heard of it but having experience of living without a television in the home, it could be possible. Does TV Cause Autism?
Another study that was done in 2007 was supressed from the media for some reason. This study done by Dr. George Carlo and Tamara Mariea proves that removing electrosmog allowed the participants (all diagnosed with autism) to metabolize toxins and heavy metals:
Another study by Andrew Goldsworthy. How Electromagnetically Induced Cell Leakage May Cause Autism:
Autism and the amish.. btw the amish do vaccinate yet they use no electricity:
 Autism may be Linked to Electromagnetic Radiation Levels In Mother’s Bedroom During Pregnancy 
Pilot Study Finds Over 20x Higher Microwave Power Density Levels in Mothers’ Sleeping Locations During Pregnancy:
These studies don’t prove electromagnetic radiation cause autism, but I just thought I would add them and let you decide.
The following study is done on residential proximity to freeways and autism. I have difficulty with this study because it addresses pollution but not of the electrosmog kind. When you drive along the freeway what do you see? Cell towers!
Childhood Autism Spikes In Geek Heartlands…

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