No evidence of health hazards from radio-frequency devices?

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Response to Joe Schwarcz

The Gazette May 6, 2013

Re: “No evidence of health hazards from radio-frequency devices” (Joe Schwarcz, May 4)

Dr. Joe Schwarcz has just written an interesting article designed to make us all relax and forget all fears about smart meters — not to mention that he seems to have just scheduled psychiatric treatment for all those who find themselves electro-sensitive (which, by the way, is a government treated disease in Sweden, and not treated as a mental disorder).

Dr. Joe, just like Hydro-Québec, assures us that the radiation that is being hotly debated — the low level non-ionizing radiation — just doesn’t have enough power to bother human metabolism, and, as are all of the proponents of an unbridled extension of the use of any and all devices emitting electromagnetic radiation, he is sitting comfortably behind an edict from Health Canada. Security Code 6 states very clearly that there is no proven relation between this radiation and the human body. Unfortunately this position of Health Canada is a carbon copy of the U.S. position, which itself is 20 years out of date.

I don’t really want to debate with Dr. Joe about smart meters, or Wi-Fi or cellphones, I want to talk about Health Canada’ Security Code 6 — the shield of protection for all who do not want to look at the current state of scientific research. It is inconceivable for these people to believe that these tiny not-powerful electromagnetic fields can affect human health, simply because they have only considered one single mechanism of possible effect, the one that they see with X-rays and UV-rays and microwave oven waves. It is pretty narrow science that states that only one mechanism of cause and effect is possible and all evidence that contradicts that flat Earth theory is heresy.

I invite Dr. Joe to walk down the street from his McGill offices and visit the Royal Victoria’s Invitro laboratory, also part of McGill University, where through six years of careful work Dr. Paul Héroux has proven that electromagnetic fields far weaker than those given off by the smart meters do change the chromosome counts of human cells — effecting basic DNA changes. Dr. Héroux is not out to condemn smart meters or anything else — he is looking for a non-drug, non-intrusive cancer treatment. But along the way, he discovered that low-powered electromagnetic radiation can radically change human metabolism by mechanisms other than the “thermal effect.” This is research that punches a gaping hole in Health Canada’s position of absolutely no-effect. If you would like to read a detailed paper on this research that I have written for Montreal city councillors, you can find a link to this information on the home page of my website:

Dr. Joe and I both have shows on CJAD, so we can each rant and rave about each other with monologues, but what do you say that we have a face to face debate about Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 on neutral territory — like on Tommy Schnurmacher’s show?

Jon Eakes

Home Improvement Show, CJAD


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