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Seasons Greetings To All,
I know this is a long email, but about half of it is coverage throughout the year from our local paper.
It's been a while since I sent an email out to this email list.  Just wanted to let you know, I haven't crawled into a cave and disappeared, but I have to admit, things have been DIFFERENT, to put it mildly...as you may know, the symptoms of my cell phone use have progressed into full blown electrosensitivity and I have spent much of my time, energy and resources this last year and a few months moving no less than 4 times trying to get away from EMR (electromagnetic radiation as emitted from wireless devices and infrastructure) and going to court twice with land lords over this issue.  I have to admit, it is difficult get away from wireless signals.  The first move was to get away from a cell tower, so I went from my city of Santa Monica into the woods of unincorporated Los Angeles County, only to be re-introduced to a new and personalized, "mini cell tower" known as a "smart meter" waiting unbeknownst to me, on my new and otherwise beautiful apartment.  The smart meter roll out has made it nearly impossible for me to inhabit even this wooded, seemingly harmless, rural, area of Los Angeles.  So I feel my back has been up against a wall and it is time to stop running and start taking a stand. Actually, I have found incredibly, there really is nowhere TO run to that is not saturated in EMR.   So out of total desperation, with my back up against an EMR “wall”, I have turned to legal action against a ginormous corporation…SoCal Edison, our electricity provider and have organized a class action lawsuit with 95 Edison plaintiffs, secured a contingency law firm and will be filing hopefully in early 2013.  We may issue a press release when we do so, to try and get more plaintiffs.  We also believe this law suit has the potential to go statewide, incorporating all of the IOUs (investor owned utilities) in the state of CA.  I will certainly keep you posted on that.
Although there were many violations to pick from, the basis of the suit is going to be smart meter/smart grid and health effects, (law firm’s decision) with the hopes of adding the other grievances down the road, such as fire hazard, privacy invasion and fee charging NOT to invade your health and privacy.
By giving Power Point presentations in various neighboring towns and cities and with the help of our local news paper, The Topanga Messenger, our town of Topanga has achieved the highest smart meter opt out rate per capita (unofficial report from Edison) in Edison (our utility) territory, along with Santa Barbara and Ojai.  Raising awareness through the presentations and with the help of the local paper, flyering, mass mailings, email and basic word of mouth, we were able to garner the 95 plaintiffs against SoCal Edison, many of whom are NOT Topanga residents.
In case you too would like to raise awareness in your area and sue your utility, here is a link to the Power Point Presentation, compliments of our sister educationally focused non profit group,  http://www.ThePeoplesInitiative.org    Please click on the below link or you can always retrieve it from our new website devoted to our class action smart meter law suit!!
Smart Meter Power Point Presentation...
We may not be able to bring this suit under our non profit, The Peoples Initiative Foundation, so for the moment, we are utilizing our newly formed group for the law suit/s,  http://www.CitizensForARadiationFreeCommunity.org
Yes, the film is coming along, but admittedly, it's been difficult to work on when one is sleeping in one's car and unable even to inhabit one's own dwelling due to electrosensitivity.  It will however get done if it's the last thing I do.
If you know of anyone in Edison territory who is experiencing now or has experienced in the past, health effects of any kind from smart meters or smart grid and who might like to join our suit, please feel free to pass this email on to them.  Lack of funds should not be an issue for anyone.  We are trying to raise money for those who cannot afford court filing costs or other costs which may or may not be covered by the contingency agreement we are currently negotiating with the law firm.
If you would like to donate to funds for our class action lawsuit (not tax deductable at this time) please use this button…
If you would like to donate to our non profit which has been raising awareness and educating on this issue, please do so at:
If you would prefer to send a check, the mailing address for both groups are the same.  Just put the name of the group you would like to donate to on the envelope above the address:  Citizens For A Radiation Free Community for law suit,  Peoples Initiative Foundation for awareness raising and education and then the address:
101 S. Topanga Cyn. Blvd.
Topanga CA
Below are some of the articles our local paper published this year, which along with the presentations, flyering, mass mailing, emailing and word of mouth, helped us achieve our high number of plaintiffs in the suit and opt outs in Topanga and beyond.
Many thanks, peace and blessings in the New Year to come.

CPUC Meeting on Smart Meters Opt Out Fees, Dec. 17
From Vol.36 No. 25 12/13/2012 - 1/10/2013

On Monday, Dec. 17, at 6 p.m., the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) will be holding a one-time public hearing on opt out fees for smart meters. According to activist Elizabeth Barris, who is campaigning against smart meter installations and opt-out fees, “this will be the only opport...
Cheney Residents Move to Remove Smart Meters
From Vol.36 No. 21 10/18/2012 - 10/31/2012
By Myla Reson
[[smartmeters_update_600.jpg]]On Sunday, October 7, a small group of Topangans met in a private home on Cheney Drive to share ideas and concerns about smart meters being installed to replace So. Cal. Edison’s analog meters. In attendance were several neighbors; a local health professional; Betsy Bu...
ADCandidate Betsy Butler’s Meet & Greet
From Vol.36 No. 21 10/18/2012 - 10/31/2012
By Annemarie Donkin
[[politics_betsey_600.jpg]]About 15 people arrived at the Inn of the Seventh Ray on a glorious Saturday afternoon for “coffee, cookies and conversation” with Assemblymember Betsy Butler in her bid for re-election. Butler, a democrat, was elected to AD66 in 2010, but decided to run in AD50 after the...
Update on Smart Meter / Edison Law Suit
From Vol.36 No. 20 10/4/2012 - 10/17/2012

Dear Editor, A couple of months ago, Topanga residents received a mailer warning about the imminent rollout of smart meters in Topanga. The mailer spoke of suing [SoCal] Edison for this carcinogenic and privacy-invading, 24/7 exposure to smart meters. Thanks to conscientious Topangans, we curren...
Opt-Out Stickers Ignored; SCESmart Meter Installed
From Vol.36 No. 18 9/6/2012 - 9/19/2012

Dear Editor: I thought you might be interested in my recent and on-going experience with Southern California Edison and their mass-installation of the new "smart meters". My story, as it relates to the installation of the new “smart meter” and my choice to opt-out: • I was informed by Sherry Jaso...
Group Protests ‘Smart Meters’ in Topanga
From Vol.36 No. 12 6/14/2012 - 6/27/2012
By Annemarie Donkin
[[column_smartmeters_600.jpg]]An organization called Topangans for a Radiation Free Community (TRFC) is fighting to keep Topanga free from “smart meters” that they believe cause harmful effects to the brain and body. Southern California Edison (SCE) has started installing smart electric meters in ...
Will Smart Meters Electrify Topanga?
From Vol.36 No. 8 4/19/2012 - 5/2/2012
By Annemarie Donkin
[[news_smartmetersce.jpg]] Residents are encouraged to fight against the RF-emitting ‘smart’ meter rollout in the Canyon. Filmmaker Elizabeth Barris moved from Santa Monica to Topanga to get away from the ‘smart’ meters in her building that she said caused her massive headaches, nausea, he...
Smart Meters – a Smart Choice
From Vol.36 No. 8 4/19/2012 - 5/2/2012

Dear Editor, I received an invitation to a smart-meter community meeting and saw the link in the Messenger. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the meeting. After I ran into an overly passionate Topangan at the coffee shop this morning who urged me to demand an opt-out program for “evil” smart meters...
April 1 Meeting for Topangans Smarter than Smart Meters
From Vol.36 No. 6 3/22/2012 - 4/4/2012
By Elizabeth Barris
Southern California Edison (SCE) began its rollout of smart meters in Topanga in February by placing “collector meters” at various spots throughout the Canyon. On Sunday, April 1, the People’s Initiative Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to education on this issue and others like it, will pr...
Beware! Smart Meters are Coming
From Vol.35 No. 23 11/17/2011 - 11/30/2011

Dear Editor: I was on the phone with SCE yesterday and found out that they are planning to install their “smart boxes” in our area in 2012. I told the man that I did not want a smart meter installed and he has put me on the “delay” schedule. I began to do a little research on the smart mete...
Smart Meters ... Aren’t
From Vol.35 No. 14 7/14/2011 - 7/27/2011

Dear Editor, Many homes and businesses in Topanga have been notified of imminent installation or may already have had wireless or “smart” meters installed. These meters are like mini cell towers and a neurotoxin, a genotoxin, a carcinogen and can cause heart arrhythmia and heart attack not ...

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