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The latest email from diagnose funk includes an item entitled: Ablesebaregeraete: Neue Dimension von Funkbelastungen  
It is about the exposures from equipment for the 'intelligent' wireless reading of heating costs, electricity, water etc.
Dr Moldan did some measurements in rented home in Naila for a device for transmitting heating cost data back to the energy supplier.
500 uWm-2 at 1 metre;  0.5 metres 2000uWm-2;   30 cm ~5500uWm-2
See graphs
The environmental physician Dr. med. Joachim reports on symptoms experienced by patients who have these meters in their homes.
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Dial indicators: New dimension of wireless exposures  27.03.2009 > > > [61 KB]
A new dimension of radio loads takes introduction into our households.
Behind terms such as Smart Metering, Energy box hide themselves to radio heat meter, radio-selectable current, water and gas dial indicators.
In particular in multi-party dwellings these radio systems are strengthened installed, since it requires no more entering the dwellings for the purpose of reading off. Radio communications with further household appliances are located likewise in the area.
Momentarily most systems are still in a test stage. It comes however to a surface covering installation the number of portable radio transmitters and the direct high frequency load in populated areas drastically will thus increase.
In principle one assumes it comes only with the reading off for the yearly account to radio communications. That like that is however not occupy different information and a measurement, which of the environmental analyst Dr. Moldan in a household in Naila at a radio heat meter of the company techem was made.
This measurement resulted in 500 µW/m ” in 1 m distance. That results in 2,000 in the case of 0,5 m approx. µW/m ” and in the case of 30 cm about 5,500 µW/m ”.
In a household, above all also with small areas, one is, again and again partially also permanently in direct proximity of the heating elements.
In the case of this measurement also a transmission interval was determined of approx. 30 seconds.
Whether this interval is during the whole yearly like that, cannot be confirmed yet.
According to the manufacturing firm techem the intervals are made shorter to readoff times and during the yearly longer.
The short intervals are not to be ensured in the long term with a small battery probably, particularly since the life span is indicated for techem for this as 10 years.
Water consumption counters are operated with the same system.
In principle the data are dispatched over GSM 900 (T-mobile is at present the only offerer).
Measurements to intelligent electric meters line up and in foreseeable time are published.
After it gave finally pleasing changes with the DECT Schnurlostelefonen and so a decrease of the load in dwellings can be achieved, a further of radio system keeps now quiet and secret into the private premises introduction. With a surface covering installation and wireless contact  in short intervals the number of portable radio transmitters and the direct high frequency load in populated areas will thus increase drastically.
This contradicts each trend to the reduction of high frequency load and is surely not tacitly accepted. Its one can be safe.
The environmental physician Dr. med. Joachim mother reported over experiences with the new radio systems from its practice:
Property now already patients become acquainted, who became recovered (among other things by elimination of HF-radiation sources), but after reading off and tournusmässigen installation of new heat measuring counters on radio basis, various complaints and diseases to have acquired (although they did not know of the fact that thereby new radiation sources are in the house).
These contained the well-known spectrum of the microwave syndrome: Sleeplessness, headache -and body pain, Heart palpitations, blood pressure crises, giddiness, tiredness, memory weakness, eye burning, skin burning, Tinnitus, depressions etc. These became only better (after latency of 2 - 4 days), after the specialized company had dismantled the electronic heat counters and had attached but again the old measuring tubes at the heating elements.
Before the radiation sources could be constituted by means of high frequency measurement. If with patients despite good and normally otherwise effective therapy, which does not become better complaints, must surely also of such causes within the apartment range are thought.

It pay attention that patients and their families, who live in multi-family houses are surrounded and of a multiplicity by neighbours, that operate also still electronic heat counters, and radiating energy counters (and probably in the future also water meters) beside mobile phone, DECT, WLAN, actually no chances more have to also only enjoy in your life one minute in which the HF-radiation dose lies underneath limit values for interiors, recommended by the Austrian physician chamber. Since many patients need one day or more after an HF-exposition usually at least in radiation-poor areas, which do not exist nearly any longer, until again can recover, chronic diseases will also not decrease straight in security of bordering probability in the future.
Call Since the information situation is not yet sufficiently clarified to these radio systems, we are very grateful over each feedback to similar radio systems or measurements. We will put these with receipt either directly zugängig or to our network at the disposal. Use thereby the contact form at the end of this side or mail you us under contact (RK) diagnose-funk.org Report to high frequency measurements at heat meters with radio of the company techem by Dr. Moldan/environmental analytics/24.03.2009

To 20.03.2009 was accomplished in a flat let for rent in Naila measurements of equipment of the company techem, 65760 Eschborn, for the collection of the heating energy at heating elements.
Here it acted around the radio heat meter DATA III.

Data of the manufacturer according to data sheet:
Operating frequency 868.95 megahertz (MHz)
Transmitting power 3 to 10 milli Watts (mW)
Transmission duration 7.5 milliseconds (ms)

According to telephone information of the address pepper According to telephone information of the address Wuerzburg of 24.03.2009
Transmission interval variable, to readoff times more frequently, otherwise more rarely

The measurement took place with calibrated devices:
Spectrum analyzer type ROHDE & BLACK FSL 6, devices No. 10 04 23, 9 kHz-6 GHz, last calibration: 31.10.2006
Measuring antennas type Schwarzbeck USLP 9143, 250 MHz - 3 GHz, serial number 198 Antenna cable type Schwarzbeck AK 9513 with 3 m length
Representation of the measurement on the display of the spectrum analyzer ../../images/drmoldan_naila_2009-3-20_3.jpg ../../images/drmoldan_naila_2009-3-20_3.jpg

Spread of the signals over 8 MHz
Pulse length approx. 7.5 ms
Impulsintervall approx. 32 seconds, at the point of gate time 20.03.2009
Pulse peak value approx. 520 µW/m ”; in a distance from 1 m Dr. Moldan since 1996 analyzing - evaluating - advising Dr. Moldan environmental analytics A-5090 Lofer 281 Dr. Moldan environmental analytics at the handle lake 13 D-97346 Iphofen 00 49/93 23/87 08-10, fax 87 08-11 Internet: www.drmoldan.de email: info. (RK) drmoldan.de

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