Alzheimer: LIPITOR accelerated symptoms (plus electric field concerns)

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To:   Duane Graveline, MD, MPH    -
Doc:    I thought you should see yet another "statin story" even tho very brief.   Under "Medications and Treatments  -   Axona" on the Alzheimers' Association message board.  -
You may know my posting privileges were suspended and unfortuntely "Mench" did not include an email address.    I look forward to your upcoming interviews in the hope that many more persons like this will learn about the need for "vital supplements," your website and books! 
I frequently write that I  strongly believe synergystic interactions between statins and any other medications and/or toxic substances or toxic exposures such as close, chronic, prolonged electric fields (a/k/a "EMF/EMR"),  are playing a huge role re alarming increases in Alzheimers-type disorders, symptoms of the autism spectrum and other neurodegenerative disorders.   In our situation, we not only have evidence that Bud improved after I moved his electric clock off of his nightstand and he started taking melatonin, but we have additional evidence -- Bud additionally improved (total of three parts of his Executive Function) after his statin, "Lipitor" was discontinued.    We can not afford further potential "cholesterol-lowering damage" that might occur in combination with Bud's work under the two high voltage power lines that hover over our property!
I am in midst of "fighting-off" statin prescriptions for Bud at this time due to recent stent placement in circumflex coronary artery followed by stent in right leg's iliac artery.  Your efforts continue to be "my rock!"     "Thanks" just doesn't seem to be a strong enough word but it is accompanied by "big, heartfelt smiles and hugs via email!"    Take care  -  Joanne
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My husband has heart disease in the family (but no AzD) and had a stent put in when he was 58. We carefully monitor his cholesterol, etc. numbers. He was on Lipitor which totally accelerated his AzD symptoms.

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