Mapping Haiti with Build 883 / 11.3.0

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Nicholas Doiron

Nov 14, 2011, 11:40:36 PM11/14/11
Hi olpcMAPmakers:

As I enter my final week in Haiti, I'm making the last changes to what
will be the computer curriculum for this school and (we hope) more to

Maps are crucial to our education plans. From the beginning, we were
challenging students to map their community: When
the US Embassy visited, we showed off 2nd graders exploring Haiti
Spatial thinking is important for making decisions and applying
solutions. Understanding where you are in Haiti seems like a simple
thing, but we have several older students who don't know the
departments/districts of Haiti. How will that affect their ability to
participate in trade, to understand who their political leaders are, to
work for a nation-wide company such as Digicel?

The recent OS update to build 883 / 11.3.0 actually delayed our plans a
bit, because the Map activity would crash when adding a photo. I found a
workaround tonight and made our updated Offline Map Haiti (8.5MB)
available at We will be using it
in Tuesday's after-school lesson, run by our Haitian edu-tech specialists
Junior and Lorinord.

Nick Doiron

Sandra Thaxter

Nov 15, 2011, 11:58:51 AM11/15/11
Hello Nick,
I am going to visit a number of OLPC XO sites in Kenya in January and
will do a community mapping exercise with the children at the Bura Primary
School. I'd like to know if the mapping activity has the latest available
maps for Kenya. Thanks so much. I haven't touched to activity since last
spring sometime. We have all machines on build 874... so maybe we will stay
there. I haven't reviewed the changes in 883.

Thanks so much. I will read the rest of how the school used the maps
and the curriculum.

Sandra Thaxter
(617) 320-1098

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Limoke Oscar

Nov 16, 2011, 12:16:32 AM11/16/11

Hi Sandra,
I am GIS student in Kenya and I Would love to help out with the teaching of students about mapping. I am an OLPC volunteer.


Sandra Thaxter

Nov 16, 2011, 8:30:28 AM11/16/11
Hi Oscar,   Are you in the olpc kenya google group.   I have forgotton about you  and would like to meet you in Kenya.  Maybe we can get some funds for you to travel with me and we can do this project at more than one school.   I have the concept, but not the details. 
We can work together to plan the curriculum layout.  
CAN YOU SKYPE   my address is sandra.thaxter !!!
Help kids everywhere map their world, at !
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Limoke Oscar

Nov 16, 2011, 11:05:49 AM11/16/11
Hi Sandra,

Yes,I am on the OLPC Map google group. I am also the co-founder of
Wikimedia Kenya and we deed a pilot project of installing Offline
Wikipedia to High Schoools around Kenya and I would very much love to
help out with the project since by january I will be done with campus.

I will Skype you as soon as I get stable connection.

My skype id is : oslimoke


Limoke Oscar,

Nicholas Doiron

Nov 16, 2011, 12:30:26 PM11/16/11
This sounds like a great project.  Once I get back to the US (on Tuesday)  I can create a copy of the offline mapping program for Kenya.

Right now I think all of the schools you are visiting are on  I will use that as my guideline for where to get maps.


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