Weekly olpc/sugar MAP Jam #1 - LA/SoCal! (1PM PST Sunday)

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Feb 17, 2011, 1:08:29 PM2/17/11
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In 2009 Caryl Bigenho took the pioneering initiative of building the 1st known local (and lowercase ;) olpcMAP, showcasing ~10 Sugar/XO projects -- long before olpcMAP.net itself reached 500 volunteer/projects -- crystallizing and catalyzing a community now made up of well over 100 Southern California volunteers:


Thanks OLPC Southern California OSSIE (Open Source Software in Education!) We've come a long way Babe!

Now, on Sunday 1PM PST (that's 4PM EST) we're coming together to reinforce Caryl's extensive+amazing "glocal" mentoring of projects around her city, and around the globe.  Much of this work done silently around http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Contributors_program and not yet recognized by anyone at all!  And she's not the only one.

So our "barn raising" will introducing new larger LA/Southern Calif edutech volunteers to the next level here -- to each other -- and to each others' projects we'll work together to showcase here:


In preparation for Feb 25-27's quite huge SCALE / Southern CA Linux Expo:


Join us to raise !!

    Sunday Feb 20, 1PM PST  (4PM EST)

    +1 866 213-2185    or    +1 609 454-9914
    Access Code: 1671650#


    (that's #olpc-help on irc.freenode.net)

Sunday we're all about to learn how far we've come, with OLPC/Sugar/edutech with along our favorite Hollwood iBoulevards & iHighways -- next week we'll be hitting the longer road exploring a new city/region each week, so think hard about those Sugar/OLPC teachers/kids projects in your own town that have done phenomenal stuff, WHY YOUR CITY IS DIFFERENT, and most important the secret dad/sister/mentors behind the scenes who deserves their fair shake / quiet honor around our global community map at long last (lowercase+UPPERCASE ;)

Those who share the very most creative stories of grassroots/community accomplishment (whether told already in http://planet.laptop.org and http://planet.sugarlabs.org) or not, will receive a RED XO, as a month+ ago here, when so many similarly unknown talents were shared here:

Help kids everywhere map their world, at http://olpcMAP.net !
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