Wedn 7:30PM - How to CREATE+MAP Yr Own OLPC/Sugar Volunteer Experience

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Apr 9, 2011, 2:55:24 PM4/9/11
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Thinking about starting your own Social Enterprise Venture, overseas or nearby?  Just do it!  Whether not you agree with every part of OLPC's famous herculean mission:

Join us and 20+ others from Tufts/MIT at the OLPC Foundation's headquarters this Wedn evening 7:30PM led my Marina Zdobnova (presenting) & Adam Holt (responding).  We'll all work together to directly answer:

    * Why should we volunteer, and for what, over the course of our lives?
    * What makes volunteering around ICT4D / ICT4E (*) so incredibly challenging?
    * Is "DIY Foreign Aide" a voluntourist joke, or a material change in 3G intl development?
    * Where can community tools like unleash grassroots power in this decade?
    * What volunteers have managed funds+community to unlock their global volunteer experience?
    * What's behind trendy corporate social responsibility / service learning leadership buzzwords?
    * With 2 million XO laptops distributed, how do volunteers actually engage to prove themselves?
    * What differentiates our social movements from yet another Twitter/Facebook marketing campaign?
    * How did Mike Lee (in attendance from DC!) build far beyond so many others cities?
    * What can the Mideast's Arab Spring teach US--conquering our own fears--converting self-organized aspirations to proven opportunity?

(*) ICT4D/ICT4E = educational technology for developing countries especially.  Very informal nibbles/drinks included.  Children welcome if they participate.  As with all OLPC/Sugar events, this is volunteer-organized and volunteer-funded, so BYOD(ream) -- and be prepared to enunciate it, no matter how unvarnished! 

While we may not have time for our full/traditional Deployment Trivia Contest this time, but we will raffle off a RED XO Laptop to the person who asks the most genuinely eye-opening question.  By popular vote when our Wedn April 13 event ends by 9PM!  But you MUST arrive on-time at 7:30PM as the 1st floor security desk will in fact close after that time:

    1 Cambridge Center, 10th Floor
    One Laptop per Child
    Kendall Square
    Cambridge, MA  02142

Thanks!!  And thanks again for bringing your own OLPC-related DIY/DIO(urselves) social venture idea if possible, no matter what continent/country/county it involves...

Hosted in conjunction with Tuft Univ's -- we are very honored to be included alongside their past speakers included below.

Help kids everywhere map their world, at !

Tufts University Compass Speakers, 2010-2011 Academic Year

Lauren Kay: Founder of Smartsitting, a high-end New-York based tutoring and babysitting service

Ken Estridge: Business and Executive Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Senior leaders in Fortune 500 companies.

Ben Dolgoff and Mike Fruzzetti: Founders of Peekaboo Mobile, a mobile application that provides mobile coupons

Daniel Goldstein: Owner of Central Square’s Clear Conscience Café

David Campbell: Founder and CEO of All Hands Volunteers

David McKean: CEO of the JFK Library Foundation

Jim Paull: CEO of Stellaris, an innovative solar technology and module manufacturer.

Dick Simon: Founder of Dick Simon Photography

Antje Danielson: Founder of ZipCar

Rolando Robledo: Chef of Clover Food Lab

Camille Preston: Founder of AIM Leadership

Zeina Fayyaz: Program Coordinator for the Social Innovation Forum at Root Cause

Julie Manga: Executive Coach at Leadership Lab

Victor Mathieux: Founder of Brain Nectar

Nancy Wilson: Interim Dean of Tufts University’s Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service

Jason Evanish: Founder of Greenhorn Connect

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