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M. Night Shyamalan's mystical thriller "Old" tells the story of a family that went on vacation to a tropical island. After a couple of hours on a secluded beach, the heroes realize with horror that they have matured for several years, and one day will cost them their whole lives.

When old actress Alexa Swinton walked the sandy yellow carpet for the film's world premiere on Monday night at Jazz at Lincoln Center, she was there, like most others, to see M. Night Shyamalan's new film: Excited but unsure what the manager was intended.
"The end has changed!" Swinton, who plays the 11-year-old version of the young bather Maddox and who saw an early cut from Universal Pictures, told The Hollywood Reporter. "So I didn't see how it ended."
No wonder, given director Shyamalan's comments on a panel at this year's Tribeca Film Festival where he said he was still working on the end. “I choose the minor note; how to end on a small note, ”Shyamalan said. "The secondary note sticks with you forever."
However, it's a fitting twist for the director and producer who built a career out of the unexpected. Especially since Old is based on a finished work: the graphic novel Sandcastle by Pierre Oscar Lévy and Frederik Peeters.
Though the Sandcastle ending has come out, the writer-director's film adaptation is lazy and makes another of his comments on his Tribeca panel - that "nobody saw anything like this" - raise some eyebrows even more.
"It's different from some of his other films where there's a crazy twist that changes the whole film," said Luca Faustino Rodríguez, who also didn't see the final version but plays the 11-year-old version of Trent, one of the three children. visit the beach. "It has a slightly different ending to your other films and I think that not only makes it unique, but also special and even more fun to watch." [Note: The Hollywood Reporter can confirm that the last cut has a different ending than Rodriguez saw].
Swinton scoffed at some of what he thought the director's statement meant, especially given his working library. "I guess it feels like you've graduated," he said before quickly pulling away with an embarrassed smile. "I mean, I think, especially for this one, you get a little more degree in the end."
During the New York premiere on Monday night, which Shyamalan attended with his family, some Old cast members reiterated the promise that Shyamalan will deliver something that viewers have not yet seen.
Actor Alex Wolff, who plays an older but still childish version of Trent, insisted that there is nothing like it in Shyamalan's library. “Really, that's not an excuse. It's really different. It's really individual. It's unlike anything I've ever seen. I would say you combine it with any of [his other films], ”he said.
Filmed in the Dominican Republic within a COVID-19 production bubble while facing various environmental obstacles, including "four or five hurricanes," said the director on stage at the Rose Theater, Old is an emotional family drama set among waves and sand buried in a mystery is thriller, which Wolff calls both "existential" and "bizarre".
"I really see it as a kind of allegorical existential meditation on aging," said Wolff. "I think it's about juggling four or five ideas at the same time."
Other performers pointed out what some of these thematic messages Shyamalan are juggling.
"The night challenges us not to take nature for granted," says actress Nikki Amuka-Bird about how the film uses the illusion of a place of refuge and relaxation as a source of fear. “We speak of the most powerful force that we as humans are exposed to. So in the movie the beach is like a different character. "
"Time is one of the greatest common denominators in existence," actor Gael García Bernal told THR about how the characters in the film manage the issues of aging and death. “We never see time go differently for someone than it does for someone else. Questioning that and accepting that premise is a really strange concept that is very difficult to interpret.
The different themes of the film also manifest themselves directly through individual characters. While Amuka-Bird says her character Patricia "has struggled with mortality for most of her life, so she is someone who feels lucky to be her age," Bernal's character, Guy, is a father, husband, and "a Kind of very logical "math. Person "who is the most reticent analist from a psychoanalytical point of view," said the actor. That makes it different to deal with the mysterious aging forces of the island.

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