Customize URL for "oauth-openshift" (login) in the Web Console and its applications

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Eduardo Lúcio Amorim Costa

Jul 9, 2021, 8:42:25 PMJul 9
to okd-wg
Hi friends!

The Web Console and its components ("alertmanager", "grafana", "prometheus", etc) always redirect to this URL...

... when login is required.

**NOTE:** The "okd.local" is the cluster's base domain (installation).

Is it possible to configure them to calling another URL? Like this URL below?

**NOTE:** I adjusted the Web Console and its applications configurations and now they work perfectly (including login process) in the "" domain. I just need that when login is needed the applications redirect to `` .

**Thanks! =D**

Eduardo Lúcio Amorim Costa

Jul 10, 2021, 11:47:05 AMJul 10
to okd-wg
Hi Guys!

The complete process for being able to log in using the new domain is here: .

I'm almost solving this problem! I'm doing my part but I need your help!

NOTE: I have tried deleting the thread to avoid duplication, but I have not prerogative to do this.

IMPORTANT: As I said before, it is very common to have cases where the external domain (internet, WAN) of a company is different from its internal domain (private, LAN) or even cases where a company has several domains (eg: ,, So I say again that not being able to make web resources (especially the Web Console) work in a domain other than its internal domain is an important limitation of OpenShift (OKD) and can become something dramatic if we try to expose it to external access (internet, WAN) a cluster already in use if its internal external domain (eg: okd.local) has no external equivalent. I also reaffirm that this should be a simpler thing to do and I think it should be something to the next development cycles.

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