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Jack Cole

Nov 3, 2021, 11:52:25 AM11/3/21
to okapi-users
Are there any websites to easily validate XLIFF 2 content? This website (http://okapi-lynx.appspot.com/validation) used to work, but now it's offline. 

Chase Tingley

Nov 3, 2021, 12:42:24 PM11/3/21
to Jack Cole, okapi-users
It looks like the lynx/lynx-web code is still in the xliff-toolkit repo (https://bitbucket.org/okapiframework/xliff-toolkit/src/dev/), however that repo is deprecated because the xliff2 library itself was folded into the main okapi repo.  

On Wed, Nov 3, 2021 at 8:52 AM Jack Cole <ja...@spartansoftwareinc.com> wrote:
Are there any websites to easily validate XLIFF 2 content? This website (http://okapi-lynx.appspot.com/validation) used to work, but now it's offline. 

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Yves Savourel

Nov 3, 2021, 12:50:05 PM11/3/21
to okapi-users

Hi Jake,


Yes, we need to update all that… the library has been moved to the main project, but not the tools.

That said, you can use Lynx in command-line (or UI) using the latest build of the XLIFF2-Toolkit. It’s available there: https://okapiframework.org/binaries/archives/Okapi_XLIFF_Toolkit/ (1.1.9).

There you’ll see lynx.jar: that’s the tool.

It’s using the same validation library as the online version was. You can just use it without parameters and it’ll open up a dialog:


Or use one of the command-line options:


C:\Tmp\okapi-xliffLib_all-platforms_1.1.9>lynx -?


Okapi Lynx - Validation and Testing Tool for XLIFF 2

Library version: 1.1.9


Shows this screen: -? or -h

Shows version and other information: -i or -info

Performs schema and processing validation on the input file (default command):

   -v [-prefixes path] inputFile1 [inputFile2...]

Reads the input file and displays the parsed results:

   -r [-prefixes path] inputFile1 [inputFile2...]

Rewrites the input file to a new file (same name with an extra '.out'):

   -rw [-verbose] [-rd] [-ra] [-rx] [-rm <nsSuffix>|all] [-pseudo]

       [-prefixes path] [-join1|-join2] [-seg] inputFile1 [inputFile2...]

Finds a reference in the input file:

   -fr <ref> [-prefixes path] inputFile1 [inputFile2...]

Verifies the syntax of the ref attributes in annotations:

   -vr [-prefixes path] inputFile1 [inputFile2...]

Lists all available prefixes for fragment identifiers:

   -lp [-prefixes path]

Processes the rules of the Validation module:

   -pvr [-prefixes path] inputFile1 [inputFile2...]

Creates an HTML preview (same name with an extra '.html'):

   -html [-prefixes path] inputFile1 [inputFile2...]

Executes the snippet example number <N>:

   -x<N> [-source]

Lists all snippet examples available:



I hope this will help.

(a side note: the -x command is pretty nice to get examples, e.g: lynx -x1 -source)


We need to get those tools back on the normal build and accessible…



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