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Pablo Gomez

Jun 3, 2021, 3:00:24 AM6/3/21
to okapi...@googlegroups.com

Hi all,


I am using okapi-apps_win32-x86_64_1.40.0.


I have defined a customized “Translation Kit Creation” and saved it to a my.rnb file. AFAIK, this definition includes every information needed by Rainbow for completing this task. In fact, if I open rainbow, manually load the my.rnb and Execute the “Translation Kit Creation”, I obtain the desired result.


Executing rainbow from the CLI with the my.rnb as argument:


rainbox my.rnb  -x TranslationKitCreation


rainbow my.rnb –x TranslationKitCreation –np


there are some actions which didn’t happen and parameters which are lost and set to defaults(see below), and consequently the result is not the expected.


I am either not invoking rainbow properly or I have found a bug which affects many functionalities in this topic.


Missing actions:

·         No file was included in the ‘original’ folder.

·         No ‘work’ folder was created or populated (seems like no action on leveraging steps).

·         No ‘leverage.tmx’ or ‘unapproved.tmx’ files were created. They are included in the properly formed result.


Parameters which I have detected as lost:


·         Step: Rainbow Translation Kit Creation – Root of the output directory – It is set to the parent of the folder which I entered into the ‘Root of the output directory’ that I entered.

·         Step: Rainbow Translation Kit Creation – Name of the package – It is reset to default ‘pack1’

·         Step: Rainbow Translation Kit Creation – Support Material – Failed. There was no file nothing included.


Is this is a bug? On the meantime, there is a way around the problem -> doing it manually. J



Pablo Gomez


Jun 10, 2021, 10:55:11 AM6/10/21
to Pablo Gomez, okapi...@googlegroups.com
Hi Pablo,

If you could attach a you rnb file and your input document we could try to reproduce the problem. Did you see any logged errors when you rain your pipeline?

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