Best application server for Longhorn? / Setting up docker image for Longhorn

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Jul 12, 2022, 12:24:07 PM7/12/22
to okapi-users
Dear all,

we are on our way of setting up a docker image for Longhorn.

So first question: Is there a maintained docker image for Longhorn out
there? According to Google I did only find this:

Second question: Would it make sense for you, that we take over the
maintenance of the image and provide updates, when a new Longhorn
version is out?

Third question: What would be the best Java application server to use
for this? Jetty or TomCat? If Jetty (since so far we use TomCat): Is
there a how-to for configuring everything correctly, for example where
to put the okapi-longhorn-configuration.xml file?

Thank you very much in advance



Chase Tingley

Jul 12, 2022, 12:57:17 PM7/12/22
to Marc, okapi-users
Hi Marc,

I believe the longhorn Docker image on hub is the one that's built from the Dockerfile in the longhorn repo (longhorn-app/src/main/docker/Dockerfile).  Timo from Ontram was maintaining this; I have not personally used it.

I think the code currently wants the okapi-longhorn-configuration.xml file to live in the process's home directory -- the Dockerfile puts it in /home/jetty.  There aren't really any other docs on how to do it, though.  I have used longhorn with jetty programmatically, and it was pretty straightforward.

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Jul 13, 2022, 3:45:24 AM7/13/22
to Chase Tingley, okapi-users

Hi Chase,

thank you for the quick answer!

Is there any advice, if Tomcat or Jetty are better for using Longhorn?



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