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Mihai Nita

Aug 7, 2022, 8:41:44 PM8/7/22
to Group: okapi-devel
Was a pain, my docker got stuck both when running the Okapi "by hand",
and when I used the GitLab docker.

I ended up making a copy of Okapi on the official GitLab site, as a private project.

In the end to fix it I removed -DinstallAtEnd=true from MAVEN_CLI_OPTS
At the end of running "mvn install ..." there was no okapi jar in
$CI_PROJECT_DIR/.m2/repository, nor anywhere else (I did a find /)

We had -DinstallAtEnd=true for at least 3 years (March 2019)

I still don't know what the root cause was :-(
I think that installAtEnd is a good option, because it does not leave "partial" jar files in the repo.
It is all or nothing (atomic), which I think is nice.

So I might still dig a bit, if I find the time.

And I might still ask for help here / there.
So please don't take me asking questions as push-back, finger pointing, etc.
I'm only trying to save time, and not undo changes that were done with good reason.



Aug 8, 2022, 12:05:55 PM8/8/22
to, Mihai Nita

Weird - must be some bug with the new protobuf extensions/plugins? We didn't have any problem until those were added.

I'm just glad its working and I'm OK with a mystery - thank you for fixing this - that was a big pain.


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