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Yves Savourel

Oct 28, 2021, 11:33:30 AM10/28/21

Okapi Teleconference - Thursday Oct-28-2021 - Summary


and Fri 4am on Penrhyn atoll


Present: Yves, Mihai, Jim, Dale, Jack.



==== PRs:


--- BOM-guesser class fixed

Thanks Patrick, Chase, Jim.


--- Jim continuing the work on AbstractMarkupFilter and YAML config with tests pass

No need to wait for it for the release.

J: close.

.. will clean it up after release.

M: I’m CCed as reviewer. So make sure to tell me when your done.

J: I could approve it myself.

M: or you can remove me as reviewer and add me back when ready.

J: will do.


--- Denis working on some OpenXML improvements and fixes

No need to wait for it for the release.


--- Localization for OmegaT plugin:


ACTION ITEM: Yves to release OmegaT plugin.

Yves is still late in that action item…

Mihai may be able to add it to the next release train.


==== Dependency Reduce POM


Alessandro wondered why we’ve removed it.

M: was a left over. Not sure the use of this is.

.. looking at it.



==== Change Log


Kuro offered to fix the hierarchy layout in the change log.

Go for it.

M: was always clunky.

.. maybe we could move to an MD file. Can look at it.

Y: maybe it’s used as Web page.



==== Markdown filter


Yves thinks we still have line-break problem when running in Windows.

ACTION ITEM: Yves to try to find time to document/fix the issues.

--> Didn’t find time so far.



==== Release


Status for when can we release:

We should be able to release anytime.

We didn’t release since last meeting.

If Mihai is not available, Yves will try to do it before next meeting.

M: will do it.

J: artifact or full.

M: Full.

Yves will notify the group.


J: a lot of deprecations in this release.

.. will remove them after the release.

.. kudos to all for all the clean-up, build, etc.



==== Other Business


--- ICU messaging:

Jack: did broken down into sub-flows, or exploding the source for different types of plural.

.. issue I run into: from simple plural to multiple, we just do a copy.

.. but usually we have a single source file for N target. So how do you solve this?

M: I have a document as a proposal to deal with this.

.. proposal is to create different files for each target. Which messes up the creation of the package.

Another option is to expand to the most cases, and have instructions for each languages.

.. no better idea.

.. last option is to have the CAT tool to be smart enough to deal with the hiding parts.

J: issue we also have is how to merge back with missing inline code.

Jack: we may have to move the work before the merge because of this issue.

.. it’s in Okapi currently.

.. TextUnitMerger class and some additional codes.

M: the ICU?

Jack: it’s custom code.

M: For after release: one big change would be to allow to produce N to M mapping so we can process TS or PO files with plural productions

.. and merge them back.

J: would be good to have such branch to test.

.. that would help us to work out the inline codes merge.

J: Hope that some time we can have a very rich format for this. Maybe XLIFF 2.x.

Jack: 1.2 allow multiple targets it seems.

Y: they are allowed for reference.


Next meeting on Nov-11


Happy Halloween.






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