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Sep 1, 2022, 11:50:02 AMSep 1

Okapi Teleconference - Thursday Sep-01-2022 - Summary


And Thu/Fri midnight on Yoron island


Present: Yves, Kuro, Jim, Dale, Mihai.


==== Release


1.44.0 has been released last week-end.

Many thanks to Mihai and all the contributors.



==== PRs:


Yves to look at it:



Jim: People keep having that security error about the XML parser.

.. this should be fixed already.



==== Commit rights:


ACTION ITEM: Yves or Chase to give rights to Alec.

Done: Chase did it. Thanks you Chase.



===== Build problems on GitLab


Longhorn still having issues.

Mihai did try, but didn’t succeeded so far.




===== Segments.joinWithNext(int) changes code ids

K: Do we need a version that keeps the ID the same?

J: Yes, I think it’s needed.

.. so yes we can add that.

.. other changes in 1.44 to preserve as much as possible metadata.

.. maybe some more test/work needed there.

.. maybe the default should be to preserve.

K: is re-doing a balance markers the way to do it?

J: probably fine.

Jim will go through and make sure the methods are consistent.

K: can add test cases.

J: that will help



===== SWT-related test on MacOS


We said we would address this after the release.

Mihai: it’s off for the 1.44 release.

M: The question is do we want to run SWT.

.. test for UI should probably a separate suite

J: agree. It probably be an integration test

.. for example support for BSD added.

J: may have approved it too fast.

.. maybe need a better protocol to approve changes like this.



===== Other Business:


--- build changes ahead (a couple weeks from now)

  • Get rid of the big jar
  • Type of tasks we run in the CI

M will send the link to the discussion as refresher

.. currently we have different builds for each platform.


--- Would be good to use the release instructions and check if all work.


M: will to the usual version updates.

J: think I updated ICU not long ago.

.. latest is71, so we are one behind.

.. new message format will be for 72. (tech-preview in a month or so)



Next call: Thursday Sep-15




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