RE: Teleconference - Thursday Sep-30-2021 - Summary

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Yves Savourel

Sep 30, 2021, 11:20:33 AM9/30/21

Okapi Teleconference - Thursday Sep-30-2021 - Summary

(International Translation Day)


and 6am on Apataki


Presents: Jack, Yves, Dale, Mihai, Denis.


==== PRs:


--- Abstract filter and YAML and Integration tests improvement:

Ongoing, see PR:

May want to catch up with dev branch.


--- Denis working on MIF and OpenXML filters.



D: nothing special. Just waiting for review.

.. looking at a few other things, but not an issue if not part of the release.


--- Localization for OmegaT plugin:

ACTION ITEM: Yves to release OmegaT plugin.

Yves is still late in that action item…

M: maybe we can add it to the main release build.

Y: would be great.


--- Markdown filter

Yves thinks we still have line-break problem when running in Windows.

Will try to find time to document/fix the issues.


--- XML notes with ITS.

M: works now, but not enough (no structure).

.. Android resources: format is undocumented, need to get the info and then may try to improve support.



==== Conference call info


Action Item: Yves to update the invite to the meeting with all members of the dev group

Not done yet.



==== Archiving:


Action item: Mihai to "Archive" repos merged into Okapi proper (XLIFF 2 & Integration Tests)

Mihai could not archive it, so it’s now set as “deprecated” in the readme with a reference to the main project.

M: just a note in the readme. And new icons!!!


==== Release


Status for when can we release.

Y: It seems we are just waiting on Jim big PR.

M: will review as soon as I get the nod from Jim.



==== Other Business


Next meeting on Oct-14





Oct 1, 2021, 3:32:36 PM10/1/21
to, Yves Savourel
I remember we agreed to release without my big PR as well as the needed fixes for TextUnitMerger to support the xliff 2.x with ICU messages Jack was working on.

After the release and once all the tests are passing or updated I can merge in 1.43.0-SNAPSHOT

That said, I'm not getting any push on our side for a release.

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