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Paul G. Rozelle

Mar 1, 2024, 9:52:15 AMMar 1

I was saddened to hear of Bob’s passing. I rode my second brevet ever—a 400K—with Bob in 2005. I was strong, young, cocky, sick as a dog—fever, coughing up technicolor crap—and so of course I rode off the front right at the start. The route went up to Vermillion, over to Huron, and then back to wherever the start/finish was. I arrived in Vermillion cognizant that I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and feeling the negative effects of a too-fast ride.

The Vermillion control was where I met Dave Buzzee for the first time. Dave was volunteering there and we’d been chatting for a bit—family, bike rides, and what in the world I was doing ignorant and alone on a brevet—when Bob came in with Bubba Jeff, Merry Vander Linden, and some other folks. Unlike me, these people looked fresh. They looked like they knew what they were doing. They were having fun.

Bob wanted to grab some lunch at Wendy’s. I’d been busy socializing and needed food, too, and so Bob and I ate together while the others rode on. I remember his friendly companionship and I especially recall what happened when we got back on the bike: heading West on US-6, Bob just drilled it and it looked like he was hardly working. At times we were in the mid-20s, which I thought was absurd. His wheel was rock steady; I’d just met this guy and yet I felt totally comfortable sitting a few inches off it (which was necessary, if I hoped to keep up with him!). We traded pulls to Huron and then turned South, keeping an unrelenting, blistering pace. Amidst the hammerfest, Bob told me about RAAM, which he’d just ridden the year before, and his career in law enforcement. Bob did most of the talking; I was too focused (and anaerobic) trying to keep his pace. That’s my strongest memory of that brevet: Bob’s friendliness combined with his being strong as an ox. He was more than 20 years older than me and he’d just kicked my ass. And he was a nice guy. I loved this guy!

Fast forward to 2018, when I saw Bob in Florida. I was the Central Florida RBA and Bob had come down to ride one of our brevets. Bob looked exactly the same: in great shape, smiling, having a wonderful time, and full of infectious enthusiasm. Bob remembered that 400K and our riding together and we had a wonderful, but too-short reunion. I saw him again the next year, too, and we caught up again briefly at the start and finish. I wish we’d gotten to ride together once again. I’ll see you down the road someday, brother.


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"Scott Ebbing" <>: Feb 29 09:03AM -0500

For anyone who knew Bob Rich, he passed away on 2.23.24.
roy burnham <>: Feb 29 09:08AM -0500

Huge loss. I remember doing a 600k with Bob. Nice guy.
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