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Jay Lawrence

Jul 2, 2008, 10:32:55 AM7/2/08
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Hi all,

"Given that Git is quick becoming the de facto SCM for Ruby (and Rails
and Merb and AJAX...) projects, I think it would be very useful and
interesting to have a presentation/discussion dedicated to Git at an
OttawaRuby meeting. Even if you don't use Git for your own projects,
you will still have to use it to access many other Ruby
resources." ... an earlier post from Ryan

GIT is a fast, scalable, distributed revision control system or SCM
(source control management) system. The project was started by Linus
to track development of the Linux kernel, and has been evolving since.

This is an introduction to GIT. However, attendees are expected to
have some knowledge of SCMs (like CVS or SVN). Also, some exposure to
UNIX command line will be a plus.

The Bart will cover centralized vs distributed SCMs, before proceeding
to details of GIT.

About the presenter:

Bart Trojanowski is a Linux kernel hacker, currently self employed
working for clients seeking Linux development and consulting services (www.jukie.net
). When not hacking Linux drivers and embedded systems, he enjoys
playing with his two kids.
See http://www.jukie.net/~bart/ for more info.

Meeting Co-ords

1066 Somerset St. W, Suite 303
Corner of Bayswater and Somerset

The door should be hacked to be unlocked. If there is a problem please
call Jay at 613-795-9169

About Git

Linus Torvalds -- creator of Git and the Linux kernel -- talks about
Git at Google
High level presentation, entertaining. Linus is quite a character.

Scott Chacon's RailsConf 2008 talk about Git (free)
There was so much demand for this talk he did an extra presentation at
the conference. After the conference he talked over his slides and
made this screencast. There's also a rough video from the conference
but this is better.

Git Internals PeepCode PDF by Scott Chacon ($9)
The content is similar to the RailsConf presentation screencast,
explained in greater detail.

Scott Chacon's Gitcasts (free)
More advanced techniques, faster pace

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