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Charl van Niekerk

Apr 11, 2012, 12:49:36 PM4/11/12
Hi All,

There has been some discussion before on this group regarding adding support for an audio type [1] but it doesn't seem to be included in the current spec [2].

Earlier today I read a post on a Dutch technology news site [3] regarding Spotify having added support for embedding [4]. There are already a bunch of posts on Tumblr using this feature [5]. This seems to use an iframe [6] and only seems to work if the user has spotify installed, so not exactly compatible with HTML audio [7] though.

Tumblr allows posting audio directly [8]. Soundcloud already has oEmbed support [9] with discovery (for an example, see [10]) but uses the rich type with the HTML containing an iframe [11] [12].

According to the news post, the same can also be done with Soundhound [13], but with a quick bit of searching I was unable to find an example of this myself.

Is it worth-while adding an audio type? If so, what to cater for? It would be the most obvious to have support for HTML audio but it seems like the iframe is still dominant at this point. It would be interesting to hear the oppinions of the community regarding this.

Best Regards,


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