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Deepak Sarda

May 19, 2011, 9:48:03 AM5/19/11

First of all, I apologize for sending such an email to this list. I
started back in June of 2008, just after the oEmbed
format was announced. I have been maintaining it ever since, making
enhancements and adding new sites on and off.

For those that don't know what is, it is an oEmbed
compatible provider of HTML embed codes for various web sites, many of
which don't implement oEmbed directly.

The site is hosted on Google App Engine and now sees enough traffic
that I am getting a regular bill from Google for hosting it!

Since I am now in a situation where I've to contribute not just time
but also money to the project, I figured I'd ask here if someone is
interested in acquiring

Essentially, what I am offering is the ownership and control of the
oohEmbed name, the domain as well as control over the
oohEmbed project on Google Code.

This ownership brings with it:

+ Ready integration in a bunch of third party client libraries
+ Usage on notable sites like Ars Technica, NH Journal, StatusNet,
280 Slides,,,,, etc.
+ A top five result on Google when searching for 'oembed'

Do contact me directly if you are interested and I'll be happy to
answer any more questions that you have.

And once again, sorry about the 'spam' :)


Seth Wagoner

May 19, 2011, 12:40:38 PM5/19/11
Hi Deepak, im sure some silicon valley venture funded startup will
outbid me, but feel free to ping me with some details and a ballpark
price. Does the code make much use of google apis or will it convert
easily to an ordinary *nix server?

-- Seth.

-- Seth, from my phone (+6421784409)

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Seth Wagoner

May 19, 2011, 12:49:42 PM5/19/11
Gah. Apologies for this spam which is to apologize for my prior spam in response to that other spam. As you were.
-- Seth.
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