"video" type - adding an optional "autoplay" parameter

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Feb 27, 2011, 6:03:58 PM2/27/11
to OEmbed

I'm writing a script which pulls the "thumbnail_url" from an oEmbed
video. Once you click on the thumbnail, the thumbnail turns into the
embedded player from the "html" response parameter.

The one problem I've come across is once the code from the "html"
parameter is displayed, the video doesn't autoplay. I've been working
around this problem by manually adding autoplay parameters for each
oEmbed provider on a case-by-case basis in my script.


It would be better if oEmbed offered an optional "autoplay" parameter
so oEmbed providers could return a version of the "html" response with
autoplay parameters already added.

What do you think?



Feb 28, 2011, 10:35:38 AM2/28/11
to OEmbed
I don't want to hijack a much simpler proposal here, so I won't go
into too many details (unless encouraged :-), however I'm working on
some annotation software that allows for saving/showing annotations
from oEmbed resources.

I'm interested in some way for oEmbed to expose/document any existing
javascript API for things like onready(callback), play(), pause(),
seek(time), getTime(), duration() for video/audio.
This relates to autoplay because it could be an option, but it could
also be done with onready(function() { play(); }). Though I could see
how that's pretty burdensome for just autoplay.

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