ODSP Fireside

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Welcome to Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Fireside Group. 

This group is intended to provide a safe and supportive space for ODSP recipients, their friends and family, and allies to:

Ask fellow recipients questions about ODSP

Share thoughts and insights related to ODSP 

Share personal experiences in navigating the ODSP system

Learn about living on ODSP

Troubleshoot and problem-solve ODSP related challenges

Provide support and self-help to other recipients 

This is a moderated group. ‘Trolling' and/or inflammatory posting will not be allowed or tolerated. Members that do choose to troll or flame will be placed on probation before being asked to leave the group.  Libelous postings will refused.  Remember that this group will be open to the public for reading. 

The ODSP Fireside Group on Google was created by in September 2005.    

   This is a moderated site
    FLAMING will not be allowed or tolerated
    Libellous postings will be refused
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