New release: ODE 0.11.1

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Daniel K. O.

May 24, 2009, 6:46:32 PM5/24/09
I just uploaded ODE 0.11.1.

You can get it from:

Once again, thanks to all who try to get involved and help ODE to get

Changes for 0.11.1:

This is a bug-fix release.

* Made the new trimesh collider the default.
* Added a "-texturepath" option to drawstuff.
* Heightfield rotation fixed to avoid NaNs while rotating infinite
MIN/MAX heights.
* Incorrect parameter order fixed on contact merging in Sphere-Trimesh
* Fixed bug #2685170: use the C99 __func__ instead of __FUNCTION__ when
a C99 implementation is available.
* Remove unused code in demo_joints.cpp.
* Fix bug in collision categories in demo_jointPU.
* A possibility to initialize/close ODE multiple times recursively has
been added. Also, now a call to dSpaceSetManualCleanup() is required
for each
space right after creation if ODE has been initialized in thread data
manual cleanup mode.
* Thread local data has been cleaned up from OPCODE and OdeTls.
* New house of cards demo, which stresses the friction handling stability.

Daniel K. O.
"The only way to succeed is to build success yourself"

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