Converting .cube/.3dl (a look-LUT) to input-ICC-profile for use in CaptureOne

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Noel K.

Jan 7, 2019, 4:40:14 PM1/7/19
to OpenColorIO Users
Hi there. I might be totally in the wrong place for my idea/plan/request, but I'll give it a go nonetheless. As a disclaimer, the whole world and concept of LUTs and ICC is new to me, I probably don't speak your language but I think I have gained a bit more of what one would call a vague idea. Let me, in short, explain to you what I would like to achieve:

So I have a couple of cube and 3dl files here, all being look-luts as far as I can tell (another type of LUT seems to be a transform-lut, which, by the sound of it, is not what these are). Very well, I have successfully integrated them in Adobe Camera Raw via its very own functionality to import LUTs and save them in an xml-format. I can then use them within the section of camera-profiles in Lightroom. Great. So now, I wanted to move them over to CaptureOne (C1), since I was thinking about using the two of them to my liking. C1 though doesn't support LUTs of any kind, but it does support ICC-Profiles. Now, unless I grievously misunterstood, ICC-profiles and Lookuptables alter colours in a way that is similar enough to be more or less easily converted. In fact, I was able to save an .icc-file using bakelut with a given sourcefile. After applying this very profile to a photo in C1, though, the effect wasn't the same compared to a) Lightroom and b) a preview of the same sample-image with the original .cube-file applied in a third-party application. In fact, it was quite the opposite: less saturated, less warm, less bright.

I analyzed the .icc-file further and compared it to an .icc-file from a set of C1-Styles I bought back in the days. The one I bought was an input-profile. Now, I can't remember having classified the icc-profile as "input" while using bakelut, nor have I found documentation on corresponding parameters to be used during this operation.

Now, I don't know if that information "input" "display" "output" being written into the header of a profile changes anything within a given software, i.e. how the software reads/interprets the values within the profile (which may even have an identical architecture no matter which "class" it is). Or if, in fact, by classifying a profile as input/display/output, or scnr/mntr/prntr, a complete different file with a different architecture, will be created.

Well. I hope that I can reach out for some help here as it does not seem to be an overly active group. Please, forgive my lack of vocabulary considering this broad and complex topic.

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