ociobakelut and looks: not working for me

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Abraham Schneider

Feb 14, 2018, 11:27:00 AM2/14/18
to OpenColorIO Users
Hi there!

I don't really get, how  the --looks option of the ociobakelut tool (of OCIO 1.0.9, if that matters) works, especially in combination with the other OCIO parameters. In which order are they applied and how are they combined?

I created a customized OCIO config based on the normal ACES 1.0.3 LUT, where I added a standard ARRI AlexaLogC2Rec709 viewing LUT as a new colorspace, customized the roles and added a look with a.cc file transform, applied in a log color space (set via 'process_space'). And I created customized views: one with only my new viewing LUT and one with this viewing LUT + the specified look.

If I load this OCIO config into Nuke, it works just fine. I can use the colorspaces in the OCIOcolorspace node and the views in OCIOdisplay node. The look is applied correctly before the conversion to my output colorspace. All like expected. Fine!

But if I use the ociobakelut with a shaperspace to create a .lut file with '--format houdini', it only works correct if I DON'T add the '--looks' option. It always seems like the look is applied after applying the shaperspace, but still converts to look process_space. Resulting in my case in something that looks like a double lin -> log conversion.

Is this supposed to work at all? How/when is the look applied in the process of going from inputspace via shaperspace and referencespace to outputspace? Shouldn't a neutral look (all CDL values in the .cc set to default) result in the same .lut file as the baking WITHOUT the --looks definition, no matter which process_space is used in the look?

Thanks for any feedback!
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