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skaul blaster

Jul 16, 2017, 6:35:58 PM7/16/17
to oce-dev
dear oce developers,

i am worrying about the lack oce is getting vs occt.. (it used to be the opposite a few years ago).
I am FreeCAD user and a lot is changing with upcoming 0.17 version.
FreeCAD has swichted over to occt?
they want to go even further to develop in C++? 
is that the point where oce and FreeCAD will separate?  this would be sad..  and would probably spread ressources on something which has been doing great for years.

is there still talks between oce and FreeCAD maintainers?

Or are my woriies unfounded?


Thomas Paviot

Jul 17, 2017, 2:50:58 AM7/17/17
Dear Lukas,

oce and freecad are different projects, both living their own lifes. As far as I remember, there never has been any joined effort between both communities. occt has made important progresses these last years, whereas oce is less active than it used to be. There's nothing to worry about, up and downs are part of any project. FreeCad team is free to switch from one library to the other regarding their needs, without asking for any authorization to anyone. That's the free software story.

Keep confident and enthousiastic,


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