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Jun 3, 2012, 9:41:27 PM6/3/12
to, Jan Droid
What a blast that was last night, you guys, and so good to see some of you (and some others) at the Extravaganza  - I feel like I'm returning from the ashes since being invaded by my "body snatchers" this spring leaving me disabled (but not completely;). It was a pleasure sharing some music with you too, and my friend Susan really enjoyed it and is happy to have connected with us too. (She's been wanting to get involved, this was a perfect "entree" to OPDX for her). Great (and delicious!) job, everyone!

My kitchen's a total disaster today, but I'm happy:). It's for such a good cause. And I'm so happy about all the gardens we're all growing - way to go everyone!! Mine included - I'm thrilled to bits to still have one, however small, and be able to contribute to the movement still in my own small way.

What a great story you told, Rowan, really connecting me to the story of maize more deeply than I've ever been. I've been pretty keen on the food issue from the perspective of our honey bees as you know, studying about colony collapse disorder via Twitter (I follow several beeks on twitter as @Apicentric), but you brought to light even more issues, with the native growers in Mexico having GMO contamination in their maize - ugh! (It's bad for everybody, period, and they're just now starting to have to admit it). I just saw an article in fact that said some bugs are becoming resistant to BT corn now, so we've basically produced super bugs. (BT is bacteria thurigensis, a natural enemy of some beetles larvae). Just like over -using anti-biotics, we can't keep messing with natural systems.

Bottom line, as Barry Commoner said in the Closing Circle: you can't fool with Mother Nature. (The 4 principles: Everything must go somewhere, Everything is connected to everything else, There's no such thing as a free lunch, and... Nature knows best.) <-boy does she, eh.

I may not be able to do much, but I"ll keep doing what I can. Even if that's just helping rally others at this time. Happy growing everyone,

Jandroid 2.0
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OPDX Food Team

Jun 5, 2012, 4:28:44 AM6/5/12
to OccupyPortlandFoodTeam
Jan, it was so wonderful to see you and to hear your beautiful music!
It was most definitely a blast! I'm so grateful that you were able to
be there. And it was such a pleasure to meet Susan, and to experience
her musical talent, as well. I'm excited that she's interested in
getting more involved.

I'll have to come visit you and your garden soon. Thank you for
helping to make the Extravaganza so special and delicious for


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