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Jay Blas Jacobo Cabrera

Jun 3, 2014, 7:24:08 PM6/3/14
to Occupy Palo Alto
Note: this email was sent out on the main Occupy PA Email List, Please do not reply.  For National Gathering coordination please use the GA email list post: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/occupypaloaltoga

Hey Occupy PA folks,

I'm giving you a heads up about a few projects I'm working on.  I will certainly be sending more information down the pipeline eventually, but I could really use some help, so if your interested in anything I'm talking about, please do reply and let me know and / or give me a call.

First of all, the National Occupy Gathering is happening July 31st-Aug 3rd in Sacramento.   That is very close by, and I certainly plan on going, and would love to caravan with other awesome occupiers from the Bay Area!  You can see more information about this here: http://interoccupy.net/natgat2014/     Sacramento is a LOT closer than the last one I went to which was Philadelphia!

Next I want to briefly introduce the main projects I've been working on the last few years to try to address some of the issues within the occupy movement.   Currently I've been using the term "Unity" as the main emphasis as in "Unity between all the movements of the world", and putting "Unity back into CommUnity".  "Uniting Occupy" also happens to be the them of the National Occupy Gathering this year.  

So Under the Umbrella of the "Unity Network", the primary programs and projects I've been working on are:
1) Unity Elections / CommUnity Elections 
2) the Unity Flag 
3) Unity Day. 

  1. Community Elections:
The Community Elections System is an idea I've been working on for over 2 years, and I'm finely in the process of launching the Alpha stage. You can vote in the current Level 1 Election by clicking here: http://wc.tc/voteL1 and the main issues currently being voted on are Breaking Up the Big Banks, Money is not Free Speech Campaign, and Legalize Industrial use of Hemp.  The general process is that anyone can input any idea, and then the community votes on them and the good ideas can bubble to the top.  The goal is to help prioritize the issues and ideas in a way that the masses can get involved in, cause it is all based on simple fast click voting, but can also allow very advanced voting and ranking systems as customizable for different level elections and direct democracy.  The key is making it all integrated so that anyone from any group at anytime can be involved and empowered.  An other way of thinking about it is trying to bridge the gap between our local communities with bottom up grass roots elections and voting, and top down government elections that only happen every 2-4 years.   What ever issue or idea "wins" the election, the Unity Network will focus on that issue as the top priority of the community.   Yet we will create a priority "agenda" and if an issue isn't the top idea, it can still get done, just like the agenda items of a meeting.  

  1. Unity Flag:
Similarly, the interactive Unity Flag is created by everyone voting on all the symbols of our collective movements.  The symbols that get the most support then become the symbols used within the Unity Flag.  Overtime as social movements change and evolve, the Unity Flag can evolve as well, but much slower than the top priority issues and ideas. What symbols do you think are the most important to represent the movements of the world? Peace Flag, Fist, Rainbow Flag, Earth Flag, Cannabis Flag, the list goes on and on . . . More info on the Unity Flag and to vote:  http://UnityFlag.net

  1. Unity Day:
Lastly Unity Day will be the annual Unity Network event, with the date chosen interactivly though online voting, (although I would suggest mid/late October for various reasons).  This will be the primary day were the Unity Network invites everyone to come out and show support for uniting the diversity of people and movements of the world together, and to remind the governments who is really in charge. The goal is masses of people, not civil disobedience, which means Family Friendly and Safe!  For those who are more interested in civil disobedience instead of family friendly, don't worry, there is a day for unified civil disobedience as well, and I'll send more info on that when we're ready, but your welcome to help out.  More info on Unity Day and voting to choose the date: http://UnityDay.net

Its important to note that all three activities, the Unity Elections, Flag, and Day are all interconnected together and are not separate independent activities.  Whatever we choose for the date of Unity Day, that coincides with the primary Annual Election to choose the top idea for that year to announce it at the End of Unity Day. A few months before that the Unity Flag will be finalized, printed and distributed for that years Unity Day March and Manifestation. Currently everything is very preliminary and rough draft, but as we start getting votes, the ideas and focus will clarify.  It could take a year or more to really have full  understanding and agreement on what the primary focus of the Unity Network will even be, depending on how you and others vote.  There are many other components which are also interconnected, as the vision is a comprehensive strategy, but these are the main 3 activities I'm working on that I want to make sure you know about!

Let me know if you want to help out or get involved.  I could really use a new Generals Assembly Network (GAN) rep to help make decisions,  because Zoe is moving on.  Its very low level responsibilities and you can talk with Zoe if you have questions.

Also I have included links to social network lists bellow if you want to connect into update streams etc..

Ok, thats it for now, I'll send more info later.

Take care everyone,


Note: this email was sent out on the main Occupy PA Email List, Please do not reply.  For National Gathering coordination please use the GA email list post: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/occupypaloaltoga

Please Join the Update Streams:

At least join the main Unity Network updates, and if you want you can get on my update stream and some of the other project updates as well.


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You can also sign up for updates on the blog or website where you can request updates on a specific temporal frequency.


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Unity Day


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