S17 Affinity Group Spokescouncil 4

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Marisa Holmes

Sep 2, 2012, 6:35:20 PM9/2/12
to occupy...@googlegroups.com
Imagine a World Without Wall Street
Join Occupy Wall Street on it's anniversary, September 17th.

Come to the S17 Affinity Group Spokescouncil 4
Friday, September 7th at 6pm
55 Water Street in the Financial District
5pm- Affinity Group Training

If you're coming in from out of town join the meeting here:

What's an affinity group?

An affinity group is a small group of people (typically 5-15), who
trust one another and organize around a shared political or tactical
goal. They may share common values such as inclusivity. They may also
share a particular skill such as media, medical, or legal support.
Members of affinity groups take care of one another in the streets and
daily life.

Affinity groups are autonomous but sometimes "cluster" with other
affinity groups to plan larger actions. These clusters may be
thematic, such as an eco-cluster or education-cluster. They may also
be around a shared tactic, such as street theater or blockades.

What's a spokescouncil?

A spokescouncil is a non-hierarchical, consensus-based structure that
can be used to coordinate affinity groups for large days of action
such as S17. Every affinity group selects a person to serve as a
"spoke.” However, any and all other members of the group can be
present. The spoke must accurately reflect the views of the AG when
speaking, presenting proposals, and making decisions. This role should
be rotated every meeting to avoid any one member having too much

Macro decisions such as action frameworks and agreements are made by
the spokescouncil. Micro decisions are made in smaller groups, where
people are more able to participate. This structure avoids
micromanaging, and is a way to make decisions horizontally and
increase the effectiveness of a mass action.

See you at Spokes!

S17 Action Planning Group
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