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Cari Machet

Oct 14, 2012, 2:52:50 AM10/14/12
to Catherine,
so let me get this straight you are sending a call out to occupy to
help yale - yale - yale school of art with an exhibition about
'occupy' not just like to know about it or attend the opening but
actually submit ideas and work UNBELIEVABLE - are people in occupy or
formerly in occupy not aware of class issues inherent in our struggle
economic and otherwise???

!!! BLOCK !!!

anyone who works with them is a traitor

On 10/14/12, Catherine <> wrote:
> The “Occupy” movement began September 17th, 2011 in Zuccotti Park near Wall
> Street, and maintained its hold on that location until November 15, 2012.
> During that period, much like spontaneous social upheavals before it, from
> May ’68 in Paris and worldwide to the Tiananmen Square demonstrations in
> Beijing in 1989 and protests in Moscow this past year, “Occupy” was the
> focus of intense media scrutiny by professional as well as ad hoc video
> reporters and by mainstream news and “alternative” press photographers. In
> the same short interval Occupy also engendered its own distinctive
> publications and signage that broadcast its messages far afield even as
> similar types of long term encampments spouted up in cities throughout the
> United States – for example in Washington, D.C. and New Haven – and beyond
> - notably Tel Aviv.
> In mid-October the School of Art will mount a comparably spontaneous
> exhibition of pictures, videos and graphics documenting this expansive wave
> of dissent with its many cross currents, and we invite you to make
> suggestions of work that might be included in it. Given limitations of
> time, space, labor and money we are seeking works that can be re-printed at
> the School from digital files sent to us by the artists, editors or
> organizers, with the understanding that exhibition copies produced for this
> purpose will be destroyed at the end of the show unless the creator wishes
> to donate them to an archived version of the show in which case we, in
> turn, will attempt to find a home for that archive at Yale. As always
> formal quality and ingenuity matters as much as conviction so please
> recommend the best of what you have seen or made and we will endeavor to
> find a place for as much of what comes our way as we can fit into the Green
> Hall galleries of the School of Art at 1156 Chapel Street. Multiple images
> are welcome but we will select those that we think overlap least with
> others and contribute most to a complex, composite perspective on these
> still unfolding historical events.
> Robert Storr
> Dean
> Yale School of Art
> Please send your content to the link provided
> Content can be uploaded to the Occupy 2012 drop-box, hosted on the Yale
> University School of Art server:
> afp://

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Oct 14, 2012, 3:36:22 PM10/14/12
to Catherine,
I'm not a supporter of Occupy. Please remove me from ur contact list. Thanks,  Josh Wick

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